Get Free Epinephine with a $0 Co Pay Card

          A few more weeks and my gang will be back to school.  Are yours still home too?  Whether the kids are already in school or not yet, I’m pretty sure us parents are feeling the crunch of back to school shopping. 
          For those with food allergies, part of the arsenal is the emergency Epinephine injectors. Did you know that you have to get a new one every year?  Yes, this medication has an expiration date. 
          As I prepare to get a prescription refill, I learned online that the manufacturers of both Epipen and Auvi-Q are giving some big discounts to their customers. Each has their own $0 Co Pay Cards which can be downloaded in their websites. 
          To make sure that this promotion works, I tried it last Sunday.  I called my pharmacy ahead of time for a refill.  When I picked it up, I showed the $0 Co Pay card that I printed out to the pharmacist.  I think it was the first time she saw such request so I was asked to wait for a few minutes.  After about 3 minutes of validating the card, she changed the enclosed receipt, let me sign the acknowledgement and gave back my card. 
         I don’t know about you but my co pay should have been $30 for each 2 dosage pack. It was definitely a nice discount.  It doesn’t stop there.  The promo which is valid until the end of the year, allows each card holder up to 4 packs of Epi-pens or 3 packs of Auvi-Q per prescription.  Isn’t that sweet? 
         Just take note that  there are a few restrictions on the Promo such as:
          1. Promo is not available for Medicare, Medicaid or similar state or federal programs including state medical pharmaceutical assistance program.
          2. One card per patient or prescription.
          3. $100 maximum discount per pack. 
         So, what are you waiting for? Get your $0 Co Pay cards now by going to or Don’t forget to share the love too. 

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