Gluten and Allergen Free Expo 2014 in NJ Ticket Giveaway

    A few more days and it’s September! You know what that means right? The Gluten and Allergen Free Expo is back in New Jersey. 
     For those who are not aware of this extraordinary affair, the GFAF Expo is the largest and fastest growing special diet consumer event in the US.  If you are in the Tri-State area, I suggest you block the dates Sept. 6 and 7, 2014 now and schedule to go to The Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey. I promise you, it is worth every effort.  That’s coming from someone who had attended both days of the expo.  

     So, what makes the GFAF Expo really special especially to us who are dealing with food allergies and gluten intolerance? Well, the $15 adult day pass ($3 for kids) will give you access to:
1. Over 150 vendor booth exhibitors.  Click for the full list.
      You’ll be amazed how many companies are actually catering to our special needs.  From cereals, breads, snacks to make up, mobile apps and even beers, the whole day isn’t enough to check all of them.  
2. Free Product Samples
         Have you ever seen a gluten free or food allergy product on the store shelves but is hesitant to buy because you’re not sure if it is worth the extra cost? Well, you’re in luck! Almost all the vendors at the expo have samples for you to try their products for FREE. Last year, I was so stuffed that I didn’t need to eat morning snack, lunch and even after snack during the event.  The best part is that you are most welcome to bring the samples home. 
3. Coupons and Discounted Prices
      I don’t know about you but finding coupons for food allergy friendly coupons are very challenging.  In fact, you’ll barely any on the Sunday paper.  Sure you can print some online one time or twice. That’s it.  During the expo, the exhibitors are really generous in giving out their coveted coupons. There are even some vendors who directly sell their products at a huge discount. 
        Last year, I did major grocery shopping at the GFAF Expo. There were products sold at 20-50% off the retail price!  Just a little tip. If you would like to shop, bring cash with you because some vendors don’t have access to credit card processing.  
4. Informative Classes 
        As part of your admission ticket, you will have access to free classes from selected experts on the field of food allergy and gluten free living.  Check out the time and schedule here.  
5. Meet the Authors and Company Representatives
      Do you have a favorite gluten free or food allergy author?  Have you ever tried to reach a certain company?  This is your chance to personally meet them. You’ll be able to get answers immediately and even have a selfie with them.  
        Want to meet me in person? As an official blogger, I will be there too.  Though most of the time, I’ll be going from one vendor to the next to cover the event, I’m more than happy to meet you there. Just send me a quick message so that I can keep you posted where I am at a particular time. Also, let’s connect twitter.    
          So, are you getting excited to go to the GFAF Expo this year? I have not one but two treats for you.  First, you can enjoy a 20% discount on an admission ticket just for being my friend. Simply use the coupon code EXPONJ20 when you purchase a ticket online
         The next one is that I am giving away a FREE admission ticket to 4 lucky friends!

         What are you waiting for?   Let’s me up soon. 



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