Gluten Free Product Review: Once Again Sunflower Seed & Nut Butters

It’s been a while since I had nut butters. Though I was and still am a big fan, I rarely have a jar at home. Why? Well, when the kids were properly diagnosed with food allergies over 7 years ago, I had no choice but to let go of my treasured jars. Since my children were very young then and they have so many allergens between them, it was easier and wiser to simply clear our home of all the things they are allergic to.

As the years passed, the kids got the hang of allergy friendly living and yes, some of their allergies have been outgrown, I slowly started to re-introduce some items back in our pantry. That’s why when Moms Meet contacted me to review Once Again Nut Butters, I gave it a shot.

When my packaged arrived, I was really impressed with the care the company showed. This is coming from someone who’s been getting packages for years and yes, with a Marketing background. Isn’t this really pretty?

Aside from an assortment of products, I liked that the people from Once Again Nut Butters also included recipe booklets and this adorable raccoon which Child#4’s latest friend obsession.

Now, here’s a big warning. For those of you who are allergic to Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews. Sesame Seeds, Soy and Sunflower seeds, the company manufactures all those. In their website, they clearly stated “We have dedicated equipment and areas to segregate these commodities as much as possible, but there is still a possibility of cross contamination. Therefore, we suggest that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to allergens.”

I’m sure some of you will be a little disappointed with the warning. That kind of honesty from a company is very much appreciated though.

For the test, Child#1 (who outgrew all her allergies and is only sensitive to gluten) and I used the products. I added it to my oatmeal and smoothies. While she made it a sandwich filling or a topper for our homemade banana bread and muffins. I didn’t  bake or cook with it as the other kids are still allergic to some of the butters. Oh, and for those who might get worried, both of us used disposable spreaders and plates too.

Child#1 who’s a big peanut butter fan, loved the Peanut butter. According to her, it’s really creamy and smooth. She likes that it is not stir too. Meaning, it doesn’t separate like most organic brands. The light sweetness not only brings out the flavor but also removes the need to add the jelly. Thus, making it a lot healthier.

Surprisingly too, Child#1 who’s not a fan of Sunflower Seed Butter enjoyed this brand. I think the right amount of sugar and salt did the trick.

She didn’t care much for the cashew and almond butter which became a big plus for me. I love the deep roasted flavor of the roasted almonds and the depth it gives to my oatmeal. As for the cashew butter, it is hands down my favorite. Creamy, tasty and decadent. I can’t imagine how delicious it will be when used on baked desserts or cake ball. For now, it’s just wishful thinking until I use one of my mom friend’s kitchen or all the kids outgrew their nut allergies.

For all my friends who are gluten, dairy and egg free, I think Once again Nut butters are a great find. Aside from being certified GF, it’s also vegan, organic, kosher and nonGMO. Plus, it made here in the East Coast (New York). While it’s on the higher price range, it is definitely a healthy treat that we enjoyed.

Have you ever tried Once Again Nut Butter products? Love to from you.

(Note: I received these products for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use these products and post my honest review on the blog. The opinions posted are my own.)

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