What Happened When I First Tried Gluten Free Red Apple Lipstick Products

Have you ever had this kind of mixed feelings all at the same time? 1. Happy to have found a really wonderful product. 2. Super excited to share the news to the whole wide world. 3. A bit hesitant to actually mention your secret as you have been getting compliments.

That was exactly what I felt when I tried the lipstick and eye shadow kit sent to me by the wonderful people at Red Apple Lipstick.   I confess, I am a cosmetic fanatic for years.  Lately though, I rarely purchase products because I learned that most of the brands I patronize contain harmful ingredients.  I spend so much on organic food, healthier green household cleaners and nature based toiletries yet unknowingly  kept on using toxic beauty items. How sad right?Then came Red Apple Lipstick. Not only do they use safe and natural ingredients, all their products are mineral based, free of gluten, parabens, toxins and even soy.  Allergens that we already eliminated in our home.


After using the eye shadow and lipstick they sent me for 3 weeks now, I can’t believe on the quality of the products.  The Dynamic Duo eye shadow doesn’t only brings out my brown eyes, it stays on for hours.  It doesn’t crease at all and is perfect for both day and night. (The Frugalista Mom’s treat!) The colors blend so well which makes it foul proof.  A big help for someone who’s not a pro make up artist and only has less than 5 minutes to get ready.


Here I am wearing the HibisKiss lipstick.  I love, love and LOVE it!  After years of using numerous brands of lipstick, I felt the Red Apple Lipstick difference on the first application.  It goes on so smoothly and has a really long staying power.  Not only does it prevents lips from drying and chapping, it helps hydrate and heal it.  Surprisingly, even if I don’t wear the lipstick the next day, my lips still feel moisturized. Hard to believe that a simple lipstick can do that kind of trick.
Where have you been all these years?
Oh well, I’m so glad you came. Now I am hooked!
(Note: I received these products for free as part of the review. Also, this post contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure here.)


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