Gluten Free Snacking Just Got Better with #HailMerry

The kids are officially off from school. Since our schedule is now more relaxed and spontaneous, I was really excited when Momsmeet contacted me to sample some Merry Bites snacks from Hail Merry. With the warm temperatures here in New Jersey, turning on the oven to bake homemade treats is on my things to avoid list. Can you blame me?


Above are the treats I received from Hail Merry to try. Yes, they do look delicious right? Anyway, I have a confession to make, this is not the first time I’ve seen the brand. As a food allergy blogger, I was quite familiar with Hail Merry for years. However, I never really had the courage to try it because their products almond based.  At that time, I’m not comfortable having any nut products in our home due to the children’s allergies.

Now that Child#1 and #4 have outgrown all their allergies and the remaining two kids are fine to be exposed to almonds (ingestion is still not a go until food challenge), I’ve finally decided to finally give Merry Bites go.

After Child#1, the husband and I tasted the Merry Bites, we all agreed that this brand is one of the best gluten free and vegan snacks we’ve had. Just in case you’re a new reader, our family has been eating gluten free and vegan treats for over 5 years now due to our children’s multiple food allergies.


For starters, Merry Bites snacks are not dry or crumbly unlike most gluten free cookies. We love the soft texture and it literally melts in your mouth.

These snacks are also not overly sweet. In fact, it has really bold flavors. The vanilla macaroons actually taste like vanilla shortbread. The lemon macaroons are fresh and tangy sweet. The dark chocolate macaroons are decadently unforgettable and the Cookie Dough brings back wonderful childhood memories.


Aside from being a delicious gluten free and vegan treat, I highly recommend Hail Merry to those who can have almond and coconut in their diets because:

  • It is Certified Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher.
  • The treats are also dairy free, peanut free, grain free, paleo friendly and soy free. Plus, it’s also NON-GMO verified as well.
  • The ingredients are certified Consious, Live, Ethical, Active and Nourishing (C.L.E.A.N.) and do not contain any highly refined sugars or flours.
  • Some of the ingredients used are Fair Trade Certified too. The virgin coconut oil and coconut shreds comes from family farmers in the Philippines. (This is something really close to my heart.)
  • Lastly, the Hail Merry family dedicates a portion of their time and resources to charities that help victims and survivors of human trafficking.

If you are looking for a new snack or dessert to try this summer, I have to say, give Hail Merry a try. I’m sure it will not disappoint.

Have you tried Hail Merry products before? I’d love to hear from you.

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(Note: I received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own are based from my experience using the products. See my full disclosure here.)

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