Two ingredient Double Chocolate Pancakes – Gluten Free

I believe moms will agree that breakfast is the most challenging meal of the day.  Not only are we rushing to get something done, we also think about whether the kids will actually eat and finish their food just in time for the bus.

Sad to say but most of the time, most skip this important meal. Before my children were diagnosed with food allergies, I confess I often rely on ready made waffles and pancakes.  You know, the ones that you just microwave or pop in a toaster.  Though they lack in flavor and loaded with “what are those ingredients?”, I still admit that they are affordable morning life savers.

Fast forward to gluten, dairy, egg, nut and soy free diet, breakfast is still chaotic. Since this time, most packaged foods are a big no-no, I have learned to do some shortcuts.



This Double Chocolate Pancakes were actually made with our favorite allergy friendly mix – Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix.

Instead of adding plain milk, water or milk substitute, I made our own “Chocolate” milk. (See instructions below.) If your child is lucky enough to have almonds, then use the Chocolate flavored Almond milk which is readily available in stores.

Then I added a few Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips on top of the pancakes while cooking in the griddle.  Flip and wala easy and delicious breakfast!

If you can’t tolerate Almond Milk, don’t worry, we can still make our “own Chocolate Milk” For every cup of milk or milk substitute – flax, soy, coconut or even regular milk (if you are not dairy free),  dilute 1/2 tsp cocoa powder. Mix well until free of lumps before use.

The chocolate chips add a hint of sweetness which lessens the need for any syrup.  Thus lower sugar consumption for the little ones.

Here’s an extra tip too.  Make a big batch of these pancakes when you have extra time in the weekends.  Instead of regular sized pancakes, I make it about 2-3 inches in diameter.  I found out that the consistency of mini pancakes reheats better than the bigger version .  Once the flapjacks cool, stack it up and transfer to either a ziplock bag or reusable covered container.  These pancakes store well in the fridge for 7 days.  When someone wants a quick snack or breakfast, place preferred number of pancakes on microwavable plate (single layer) and nuke on high for 10-15 seconds.

Take note, I didn’t say freeze for later use.  After some trial and error, I realized that freezing these previously prepared gluten free, allergy friendly pancakes do not produce nice results once reheated.  I am not sure if it’s the brand or ingredients in the mix but if you like to try, let me know okay.

Have a great week TFM Friends!

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