Great Finds at the Green Festival in NYC 2016

It’s Earth Day and  I think there’s no better time to share with you the interesting brands I found last weekend at the Green Festival at the Javits Center in NYC.

This year was the first time I’ve been to a Green Festival Expo. I confess, I really had high expectations at this event. Aside from being “green” or eco friendly, I’m also searching for products that are allergy friendly and healthy as well. Am I asking too much?

Anyway, after a full day of walking and talking, I’m so happy to find a nice bunch of new found allergy friendly, healthy and green friends.

dolphin organics

First stop is Dolphin Organics. An NY based company that makes hypoallergenic and vegan personal care products for babies, young children and young at heart with sensitive skin. I love that their products are only made with natural and organic ingredients. Plus, they are proud to list all the ingredients in their labels and website.


Another company that captured my heart is AlternaVites.  Not only do they disclose what’s in their vitamins and supplements, they made sure that we’ll actually take it without complains. Say hello to the gluten free, kosher, vegetarian, nonGMO,  sugar free, aspartame free, dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free and high fructose corn syrup free Vitamin powder.

hush and dotti

Okay, I confess, I’m a bit of (a lot) a makeup fanatic. In fact, after the kids were diagnosed with food allergies, I literally threw away my stash and looked for make up that are not only allergy friendly but free of toxic and cancer causing ingredients. You should have seen my excitement when I saw Hush and Dotti with their founder, celebrity makeup Dina Altieri. The makeup and skin care line is free of toxins, parabens, chemicals, dyes, colorings, gluten and animal by product. Even their packaging is recyclable.

EcojarzSpeaking of confessions, yours truly also has a glass jar obsession. That’s why I’m so excited to see this unique mason jar accessories company called EcoJarz. Not only do they make cool, out of the box items, they have fun people in the their booth too.

If You Care brandWhen I got the message that I’ll be at the Green Festival, the brand that I really wanted to see is If You Care. I’ve been a fan of their chlorine free unbleached mini muffin baking cups for years. Did you know that they have a big selection of eco friendly products for the home as well?

I know what your thinking. Where’s the food? Of course, my trip will not be complete without food sampling.


Let’s start with this brand that has a big warning on the front of the packaging that says “Highly Addictive Substance”. Kiefer’s Kettle Korn is not only delicious and addictive, it is also made with simple ingredients we all know and understand.  The best part, it’s Top 8 allergen free!


It is said that nothing beats farm to table freshness. I have to say, True Organic Juices passed the toughest critic in our family. Child#2 who’s the pickiest fruit and veggie eater in our home, can’t stop tasting these all natural juices. FYI, she’s the one who proudly told her pediatrician that the fruits she eat are banana bread, apple pie and lemon bars. To my amazement, she even asked the people in the booth if we could buy any.  Now, that’s something.

Another product that passed Child#2’s picky fruit and veggie palate is Go Raw. Hello, this brand just made my daughter and me addicted to spirulina. If you don’t consider coconut a form of tree nut, this brand of snacks is also a Top 8 allergen free winner.

superseedzIt’s always great to see familiar faces at Expos. Check out who’s also in Javits Center that day. The Superseedz lady herself – Kathie! Her Top 8 allergen free Pumpkin seeds are already a favorite in our house. Have you tried the newest flavor – Maple Sugar and Sea Salt yet? It’s so good….

livesodaLast and definitely not the least, is LiveSoda. They just made Kombucha (fermented probiotic tea) really good and addictive, you wouldn’t believe it is NOT the unhealthy soda we all know and love. As they say, it is truly a wellness magic.

Well, that’s it my TFM Friends.

Missed the NYC event? Don’t worry there are 4 other Green Festival Expos scheduled this year – Washington, DC on May 6-8, Los Angeles, CA on Sept. 16-18, San Francisco, CA on November 11-13 and Portland, Oregon on December 9-11.

Do you have one near you? Do plan to come. I’m sure, you’ll have lots of fun too.

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