Have you Tried Radha Beauty’s Fractionated Coconut Oil?

I’m not a stranger to coconut oil. Way before the coconut oil phenomenon here in the US, I was already exposed to its many uses and benefits. Just a little FYI about me, I grew up in the Philippines which coincidentally is the second largest importer of coconut oil in the old. (Wink!)

Anyway, when the people at Radha Beauty asked me to try and review their Fractionated Coconut Oil, I was really excited. Before this opportunity, I admit I haven’t really used the “fractionated” version.  In fact, I have no clue what it is. Do you?

If you’re not familiar with fractionated coconut oil, here are some basic information about it. One, fractionated or liquid coconut oil is highly refined or saturated. It underwent a distillation process wherein some of its components (triglycerides) were removed. The result is a more shelf stable type of coconut oil which stays liquid in spite of temperature changes. Due to its stability and rancidity resistance, this type of coconut oil is the one commonly used in cosmetics, hair care products, aromatherapy and medicines.

When I received my bottle of Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut oil, the first thing I noticed was the absence of the distinctive coconut smell. I remembered smelling like dessert for a few days after my grandma used coconut oil to deep condition my hair as a child. Yes, my hair was soft, shiny and really straight. The downside was it also smelled yummy too. Geezz! So, when I reached my teens, even though I already know how great my hair becomes after applying coconut oil on it, I preferred to stay away.

Since Radha Beauty’s Fractionated Coconut oil is odorless and colorless, I didn’t hesitate to use it on my hair and daughters.  Child#1’s hair is quite oily so I only applied it to the tips of her hair.   Child#2’s hair however, is really thick and tends to easily get damaged.  It also easily gets tangled. After 2 weeks of use, here’s a photo of her hair.

Now her hair is very manageable, soft and tangle free. She is currently growing her hair so the ends are uneven. Though she hasn’t had a trim in about a year, her locks are still split ends free.

Radha Beauty’s fractionated coconut oil is also an excellent skin moisturizer. The past winter here in New Jersey was brutal on my skin. For the first time, my hands were cracking.  After using this product for a week, my hands surprisingly healed and is now very soft.  I love that it is not greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin. In fact, instead of lotion, this is now my after shower moisturizer.

Getting curious already? Why don’t you give Radha Beauty’sFractionated Coconut Oil  a try? A 16 ounce bottle is currently on sale for $13.89. That’s a $36 savings! Plus, you can get free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member or if your order is at least $35. Oh, Radha Beauty also gives a 100% lifetime guarantee. If you don’t love it, just let them know and they will give you a full product refund. Isn’t that sweet?

Give it a try too and let me know what you think?


(Note: I received a free product to use for this review. My opinions about the product however, is not affected by this.  Whatever I wrote is based fully on my experiences and my goal is to give you a review that’s completely honest. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure here. )


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