Healthier Joints with GOPO Rosehip Supplement

As a mom of four children, one of the struggles I have is finding a personal time or “mommy me time”.  With all the demands of my family and work, more often my own personal health is put on the bottom of the To-Do list. Can you relate?

This year though, I promised to make my health a priority. For those who have been following me on facebook or instagram, I’m sure you already know that I joined a badminton club and committed to play two nights a week.

If you are not familiar with badminton as a sport, you can learn more about it here. There’s so much into this fast pace sport that makes it a great work out.

This summer, since the kids were off from school and our schedule is more relaxed, I decided to play three times a week. While I enjoy the sport and this workout, the fast paced movements have really taken a toll on my joints. No matter how careful I am, I already sprained my left ankle twice in 5 weeks.

Because I have no intentions of slowing down or quit playing badminton any time soon, I decided to not only learn more drills and get the right equipment but to be physically in top shape as well. That includes taking some supplements with my multivitamins.

One of the supplements I started taking is GOPO Rosehip Joint Supplement. I know what you are thinking. “Are those for older people only?”  Well, not necessarily.

Yes, I’m only turning 39 this year. However, I have used and abused my knees, shoulders and ankles for years. From playing volleyball since 4th grade until my late teens, to constantly wearing high heels, sudden weight gain to carrying heavy kids and groceries and the list goes on.

So what’s so special about GOPO?

  • It’s a clinically proven and intensively used supplement in Europe that help support long term cartilage care and joint mobility.
  • The key ingredient is galactolipids which occur naturally in rose hips (the fruit of a rose)
  • The company has used science to grow a unique rose cultivar and refine it to its most potent form.
  • With over 80 years of experience, the brand has successfully combined traditional herbal knowledge and high end manufacturing to produce products that help improve people’s well being and quality of life.
  • Galactolipids helps maintain mobility, flexibility, supports healthy collagen formation, reduces inflammation, tiredness and fatigue associated with aging joints.
  • Contains NO Gluten, wheat, soy, starch, milk, fish, lactose, yeast, peanuts or tree nuts.
  • It also has no artificial color, flavor or sweetener.  Suitable to vegans and vegetarians and GMO free as well.


The test

I’ve used GOPO for over 4 weeks now. Yes, I’ve sprained my ankle (twice) playing badminton. However, one of the biggest things I noticed was that my ankle healed faster. The swelling was very minimal and I was still able to walk without much pain.

Even if I played more often this past six weeks, my wrists, shoulders and knees felt more flexible. Plus, I barely have those “cracking” on my joints during warm ups.


As I increase my intensity playing badminton, I think I will continue to use this product and see if it will really help my joints stay flexible and healthy. Since it is all natural and does not have any side effects, I think it is definitely worth a try. Just like any supplements,  make sure to consult your doctor before use especially if you take maintenance medication, is pregnant or nursing.

Want to try GOPO Rosehip with Galactolipids soon?


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(Note: This is a sponsored post. While I received free products and compensation, this set up doesn’t affect the opinions I have written. See my full disclosure here.)


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