My Honest Review of CBDMD Sleep Aid and BAth Bombs

November has always been a crazy month for me. If you have school aged kids here in New Jersey, you all know about the series of half days, no school days and yes, Thanksgiving break. It is also the time of endless parent-teacher conferences. Since we are the “drama” family, daily play rehearsals and crew meetings are even added on the list.

If what I mentioned aren’t hectic enough, November was also the start of shorter days and unpredictable temperatures. You know that means? Sick days!

Then, this year, technology seemed to enjoy playing games with me. My blog kept going on and offline because of html and coding issues that is not really my cup of tea. Thank God, I have a very supportive and helpful web hosting team! Now you know why I haven’t posted since October.

How did I keep my sanity after all these? 3 R’s — Relax, Regroup, Recharge. No matter how full our calendar is, I always make it a point to listen to my body and prioritize that “break” even for just an hour.

Since I believe that the universe won’t give something to anyone without providing some equipment, this time, I got some help courtesy of Momsmeet. Just before the chaotic schedule arrived, they sent me a cbdMD care package to try and review for the blog. Guess what? The care package’s theme was also my 3 R’s! Yes, deep in my heart, I knew this is not a mere coincidence.

Before this project, I already have some idea about CBD oil. For the past two years of attending the Expo East, I became acquainted with several companies that sell products that contain it. I’ve been using balms containing CBD oil to help ease muscle pains I get from playing badminton for about a year now.

Now, for this review, I decided to focus mainly on the calming effects of the products that were sent to me. I’ll write another post about muscle pains and CBD oil next time.

The Bath Bombs

Nothing relaxes me more than long showers or a good soak in the tub. That’s why I was really excited to use the bath bombs that were included in the care package. The bath bombs were about the size of a golf ball. Even though it is smaller than most bath bombs, I noticed that it is more compact and dissolves slower. A big plus for me who prefers to stay in the tub for a while.

Each bath bomb contains 100 grams of CBD and doesn’t contain any artificial dyes or preservatives. The coloring used is all natural and does not stain the skin or the tub. I like that the scents which are from essentials oils are mild yet it stays for a long time. For $9.99, I think this is worth every penny.

I received three scents for this review. Relax which contains Lavender essential oils, Rejuvenate which is mostly Eucalyptus and Restore which is a blend of essential oils that smells like baby powder. Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite because there’s one for every mood.


If there’s one product I’m a bit scared to try in this package, this is definitely it. With irregular sleep schedule (I tend to go sleep around 12 -1:30 am three times a week), I avoid using sleep aids on days when I have the chance to go to bed earlier. I’d rather stay aware for an hour or more than deal with side effects.

After using CBD PM sleep aid for 5 days (sporadically), I realize that this product does deliver what it says. It really helped me fall asleep without side effects the next day. Even if I only get 5 hours of sleep, I don’t feel drowsy after I woke up. I like that I can be alert and functioning even with limited sleep.

As for the taste, it has a strong mint flavor which I prefer added to my tea.

Last Thoughts

CBD oil has always been a controversial topic. Some are big on it while others just roll their eyes. As for me who have used CBD infused products as needed for over a year, I think it does have some benefits. Personally, I like that it is not habit forming and can only be used when there’s a need. While it is not a “magic pill”, the products I have tried has helped me gradually relax just like using lavender essential oil. I didn’t experience any side effects too which is a big plus.

If you are curious, you can read more information about CBD infused products here. It is worth a try.

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