I Tried The Gluten Free and Vegan Falafel Mix From Trader Joe’s

One of the challenges I faced when I decided to abstain from meat for 40 days last Lenten season was finding plant based protein sources. Take note, I have to consider my children’s food allergies as well. That meant I still can’t include soy based products, peanuts and tree nuts in the meals I prepare at home.

During a shopping trip at Trader Joe’s, I came across this falafel mix and I got really excited. For just $2.99 a box that can produce about 30 pieces of falafel, how can I resist?

Not only is it gluten free and vegan, it also does not contain anything my children are allergic to. I like that it is made with just a few ingredients too.

Since the label didn’t have any manufacturing or facility disclosure, I reached out to the company for clarification. As of this writing though, I still haven’t heard from them. But I’ll update this post once the information is available.

In the mean time, I would like you to know that our family has tried this mix a couple of times and my children didn’t have any reactions at all. So for us, this is now a nice addition to our pantry.

While there are plenty of falafel recipes online, I refrain from making one from scratch because it is really time consuming.

This mix only requires an addition of water plus 30-60 minutes of resting. Yes it is important to let it stand for that long. Otherwise, the mixture will be runny and will not hold its shape. After the suggested “resting” time, the mixture will have the texture of ground meat and will be very easy to scoop and shape.

Oh, make sure to mix it really well so that the salt will be properly distributed. If not, some pieces will be really salty.

The package says deep fry the falafel for 1-2 minutes until it floats. I let it cook longer, until it turned golden brown. I think this produced better falafel as the outside is crunchy and the inside is still moist.

Here’s the final product. Since it is a bit hard to find gluten free pita at this time, I served the falafel on top of Garlic Tumeric Rice.

Traditionally, tzatziki or tahini sauce accompanies the dish. Due to sesame allergy, tahini is out. As for the tzatziki, I haven’t made one yet that is dairy free. Hmmm… I think it’s time to add it to my list of recipes to create.

Anyway, we have a jar of Zubi’s Crema and Zubi’s Queso in the fridge so that is what the kids used. Both items are free of top 8 allergens and made with vegetables.

What’s the verdict? This mix is definitely worth it and more. Not only is it easy to make, the texture is amazing and yes, the taste is way better than most restaurant made. Plus, you can’t beat the price.


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