This November, I’m Thankful For… Series

November is my birthday month. As I look back and reflect on how my year turned out, I can’t help but be very Grateful.


Yes, my perfectly planned year didn’t came out the way I wanted it.

My home still isn’t the picture perfect, magazine cover ready that I envisioned it to be.

The last 20 lbs. I thought I could finally get rid of became 25 lbs.

That cookbook is still in the draft stage.

Just when I thought I was able to finally catch up with my dreaded laundry, piles of clothes suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The unpredictable Jersey weather isn’t cooperating too.

Full time blogging income? Well, it’s still on the part time level.

Those people I don’t like to deal with, I still have to do with them…

While it is always easier to see the things that didn’t go as planned, this time, I choose to be Thankful for the unexpected blessings that came my way. Things that I never imagined or even thought of which made my life exciting, fun and fulfilling.


So, this month which also happens to be Thanksgiving month,  I decided to share with you a series of posts called “I’m Thankful for…”  These are short stories of the amazing things that happened in our family this 2016.

I hope this “I’m Thankful for…” Series will encourage you to look past the challenges and celebrate the little (and big) victories we have. If that isn’t enough, I’ll be including a giveaway on each post. You know I love to share treats you with all.

Since I don’t like you to miss a story and a giveaway, I’m encouraging you to join the “I’m Thankful for… ” Series Group. The first 25 members will get a special gift in the mail from me too.





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