3 Reasons to Try Infused Water plus free recipe Ebooks

Infused water has been a favorite of health aficionados and weight loss experts for years. Recently, it became a craze online because of the detox trend.

While I’m not a big supporter of hypes, I have to say, I do enjoy drinking infused water. These are my reasons why:

1. It is a healthier substitute to sugary drinks.

     By using fruits to naturally add flavor to water, we avoid adding extra sugar in our diet. If one is trying to lose weight, a teaspoon of sugar makes a difference in the long run.  Another thing to consider are the chemicals found in most flavored drinks. Artificial flavorings, color, and even sugar substitutes are not good for the body in general.


2. It is very affordable.

      Yes, infused water looks fancy and is often served in high end spa. But you don’t have to be intimidated. After all, it’s just sliced fruit or a few pieces of berries in a big pitcher of water. Did you know that frozen fruits can also be used?


3. It helps us drink more water.

     Doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts can’t say enough about the importance of drinking water and its benefits. However, many of us still can’t make the recommended 8 glasses a day.

      In my case, I tend to go to grab high calorie, sugary drinks first because the later seem to pair well with my meals. For example, if I have a hearty, salty dish, I’m drawn to the acidity of soda or wine. A scone or biscuit calls for hot chocolate.

      By adding infusing my water, I’m able to flavor my water naturally to match what food I have.


Clueless about what infused water?

Check out these ebooks I found today. Each are all filled with delicious fruit combinations some of which I’m surprised to work well together. The best part is that all these e-books are free to download today.

Just make sure to check before downloading as the prices may go up anytime.


Happy Infusing!

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  1. I started drinking infused water after Khloe Kardashian revealed this as her diet secret, and now, I can say that it is really effective. I’ve lost 4 kgs in just 1 month!

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