January 2014 Healthy Reading list

      Welcome 2014!  This year, I promised myself to be more organized so that I can find time to really enjoy one of my favorite things to do which is Reading.  I confess, I often have barely read books laying around the house which I always meant to finish but never seem to have the chance to. This eventually gives rise to feelings of regret and resentment.  Often leading to the question, “Why can’t I do something for me?”  Can you relate?  
       To solve the issue, I decided to plan ahead and pick my top 3 books every month.  That way, I  can focus on the topic and eventually prevent some book and mind clutter.  Sounds good right? So without further intro, here’s this month’s list.


     First, is this book our family received last Christmas eve from our parish.  I am a practicing Catholic since birth and was even an active church group member for years. After the arrival of my fourth child,  the challenges of running a big household and daily activities have taken a toll in my spiritual life.   I have to say, this book came in at the right time.  

      Next is this book by Nutrimom, Tracy Bush.  As a mom of children with multiple food allergies, there is no such thing as too much information.  It is a daily learning process. I heard there are some bonus recipes included here.

     Lastly, this book by Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine.  As you may have known, the diagnosis of my children’s multiple food allergies has tremendously affected my life not just a mom but as a person in general. Literally, my lifestyle changed overnight.   For 2014, I promised myself that I’ll find ways to make daily home management less stressful and yes, give myself quality Me time.  Some of the things that this new book aims to help me with.


      Has anyone read any of the above mentioned books?  I love to hear your thoughts about it.  If you haven’t, will you  join  me this month? 

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