Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes – Gluten Free & Food Allergy Friendly Too

Every year, the start of the Thanksgiving week has always been a stressful one especially for us with school aged children.

In my case, the kids still have a full day on Monday and Tuesday. Then half a day on Wednesday. Between the homework, extra curricular activities and lunches, I really struggle to find the time to make elaborate side dishes for the day of Thanksgiving.

Oh and cooking that bird (turkey) really takes hours. No joke right?

So, whether you are hosting the festivities or going to another home, here’s my list of easy to prepare gluten free and food allergy friendly dishes. These are always a crowd please so I’m sure your friends and family will enjoy them. even if they don’t have any food restrictions.

Let the cooking and baking begin…


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This healthy gluten free and vegan Mac and Cheese is made extra special (lower calories too) with pureed sweet potatoes.  Even my picky kids love it.



There’s a reason why this Roasted Asparagus, Mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes is my all time top pinned recipe on Pinterest. It’s delicious, healthy and yes, very easy to make.  Oh and it’s easy clean up too.


How can we have Thanksgiving if there is no Garlic Mashed Potatoes? This dairy free, gluten free and guilt free version has always been a crowd favorite in our home, even to those without food restrictions.


Then there’s dessert. While pies are a Thanksgiving Dinner staple, it can be a tricky especially if you are in a hurry and you need it free of the basic butter, eggs and flour.  So if you are short in time, this Applesauce Spice Cake is my go to. It has all the yummy fall flavors and is a cinch to prepare. Plus you can may it fancier by topping it with some cranberry sauce.



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