Luvo Frozen Meals : A Gluten Free Winner?

One of the perks of being a Moms Meet blogger for years is that I’m able to try gluten free brands that I usually don’t buy or are not in my grocery “priority list”. Frozen meals for instance, often don’t make the cut in my list. One, we are a big family so I tend to buy ingredients in bulk. Two, most frozen meals are loaded with sodium and often is not a healthy choice. If I ever find a healthier alternative, it’s often bland and mushy.

While we don’t usually buy these TV dinners, there are days however, when the convenience of a gluten free frozen meal is highly appreciated or needed. That’s why I got really excited when Moms Meet informed me that I can review a brand called Luvo.

Before this review, I actually never heard about the brand. So, when I received the product coupons, I thought, I’ll have a hard time finding it in the stores I frequent. To my surprise, the three stores where I normally shop (Wegmans, Shoprite and Stop and Shop) not only carry the brand, they have a wide assortment of varieties available too.

What made me curious about the Luvo Frozen Meals Brand?

1. The Flavors

     Luvo has a wide assortment of entrees. From traditional Turkey Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes to Ethnic Cuisines such as Thai Style Green Curry, Chicken Enchiladas and Tandoori Inspired Spiced Chicken. It’s like having an international buffet in your freezer.

2. The Ingredients

    Luvo uses nonGMO ingredients as much as possible. Aside from that, the meats and poultry in each entree are free of antibiotics. The company also takes pride in offering dishes that are low in sodium and sugar. They use plenty of herbs and spices for flavor. Plus, they never use artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

3. The Containers

    Luvo are planet friendly too. They use a paper pouch for their “Steam in Pouch” packaging. The Luvo Bowls are in a convenient paperboard bowl that steams quickly in the microwave.

The Taste Test

I tasted four different varieties for this review. Though I’d love to have them all at the same time, I decided to have one variety for lunch for four days. That way, I can really taste and differentiate each.

First was the Red Wine Braised Beef and Polenta. The beef was tender and really tasty. It really felt that it had been cooking for a long period of time. Eating it is like having last night’s leftover stew dinner. The vegetables were cooked well and were not mushy. Though the brussels sprouts were quite bitter. The gravy was also smooth and has a nice sauce consistency. Even though it has a lot of flavor, I still added a tiny pinch of salt.

Next, I tried the Turkey Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. Now, this gets really tricky. The turkey meatloaf is quite tasty and was moist which I loved. The mashed potatoes taste like “real mashed potatoes” but I miss the creaminess. Then comes the vegetables and gravy which tasted exactly like the ones in the red wine braised beef. While it tasted decent, I wished they changed the included veggies and flavor of the gravy.

On the third day, I had the Chana Masala Bowl. Hands down, this is the best tasting of all the varieties I tried. It really tasted authentic Indian food but with less heat. Even the aroma of spices is there. Everything is spot on.

Last but not the least, I tried the Thai Style Green Curry Chicken. This is also one of my favorites. I can eat it again and again. The curry flavor is mild and complicated. The chicken pieces are tender, most and well seasoned. The sauce though not as thick as I would like is very delicious. I still added a tiny pinch of salt though. The noodles were a little overcooked even if I followed the preparation time to the tee. Portion was a little small though.

To sum up, I was quite impressed with the Luvo Frozen Meals. I like that it is loaded with healthier ingredients and each is quite flavorful too. While I had to add a tiny amount of salt to make it perfect, I appreciate that I have it as an option. Plus, it has a wide selection of certified gluten free meals. For about $5 a box (prices vary depending on the store), it is very affordable too.


(Note: I received free products from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet Blogger, I agree to use these products and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.)

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