March Healthy Reading – Salt, Sugar, Fat

        Hello food conscious Frugalista Moms!  Guess what I just found in the library today?  The controversial book Salt, Sugar, Fat by Pulitzer Prize Winner, investigative reporter Michael Moss. 


         I first heard about this book while watching a segment from the Dr. Oz show.  According to the author, food manufacturing giants such as General Mills, Kraft, Coca Cola, Nestle and more have always been aware of the effects of their processed food to the growing obesity epidemic here in the United States.  Instead of doing something to make convenient foods healthier to the consumers, these companies preferred to spend money on food scientists that enhance the taste of  their products and marketing experts to entice the buyers.

         Basically, what the writer wants to prove is that the processed food industry intentionally poisons the population for the sake of large profits. He even backed up his reporting with extensive research.  Quite interesting right?
         So, for this month’s healthy reading, I decided to feature this intriguing food book.  At the end of the month or once I finished reading it, I will let you know my thoughts.  Would you like to join me in this journey?  Love to hear from you.

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