Memorial Day Deals, Freebies and more

    At last Memorial Day is here. You know what that means right? Summer is just around the corner. 
    After a winter that seemed to go on forever, the warmer temperature is a big treat especially for us here in New Jersey. 
    Before you switch to holiday mode, I’m sharing with you today’s deals and freebies. I found shopping coupon codes, free ebooks and even special discounts. Get them now and don’t forget to share them to your friends as well. 

     Have a meaningful Memorial Day everyone!

– Roz
(Note: This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure here.)  

Special Discounts 

Pay $19 for any course!
    Want to learn a new hobby or language? How about improve your photography or computer stills? Whatever level you are, there’s a course just for you. Just this weekend, you can learn a course for just $19. The classes are online. So, you can learn in your own pace at your preferred place.  Isn’t that cool? 
Coupon Codes
Memorial Day Sale  - 25% Off All Orders


     As of this posting, all these ebooks are free to download. Please understand that the prices can change any time. That’s why I suggest that you check before each download. 
The Paleo Parents’ Guide
The Celiac Cookbook and Survival Guide 
Going Gluten Free Without Going Crazy
11 DIY Wedding Centerpieces 
DIY Projects and DIY Household Hacks 

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