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I can’t believe summer is almost over. In fact, some of you might actually have started school already. Well, for us, we still have about two weeks to go.

As I start preparing for the coming school year, I received an invitation to try a service by Mindprint Learning.

What is Mindprint?

Mindprint is a online educational company committed to helping parents and teachers better understand how an individual child learns so the child can be given optimal tools and support to succeed.

The company provides online assessment that evaluates 10 cognitive learning skills to understand a child’s strength and areas where extra support is needed. They have a team of child psychologists, learning specialists and teachers who evaluate the result of the test and also recommend educational strategies and third party products that they believe will be the most effective ways to help each child improve study habits, learning skills and academic success.

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What do I think?

I have 3 kids who are qualified to take the testing. Child#4 was not in the age bracket of their preferred participants. Of my three children, I decided that Child#1 is the best candidate for testing. My reasons are:

  1. She’s older (12 years old) and has a lot of opinions.
  2. She has a unique learning style. Unlike most who must have a really quite environment to focus. Child #1 learns or understands a topic best when she can hear it. It is not a surprise that she enjoys reading out loud to herself.
  3. English is not her first language. Though she has been fluent in English since first grade, she still completely understands Filipino and is still working on properly speaking it.
  4. As my oldest child, I’ve spent quite a long time with her. I can say, I know right away what her reactions will be and if she is serious or just trying to play along.

The test itself is easy to understand. Except for the instructions for the first part of the test, Child#1 didn’t need any help. She went through the test and actually finished a little earlier than the required time to complete the test.

When I asked her if the questions are hard, she mentioned that a few were but over all, the test was easy and it kept her interested.

As for the results, I was surprised to learn that her biggest strength was on the Visual Motor Speed. It made me realized that she is not rushing when doing certain things like typing or writing. She is just very efficient on tasks like those.

Since her results didn’t show any significant weaknesses, I focused on the two skills that were on the low end of the expected range. Those were Flexible Thinking and Spacial Perception.

Her result on Flexible Thinking justified why she excels in subjects like Science and Social studies wherein the answers to the questions are specific. Subjects such as reading and writing bother her because it of open ended questions. While the result about Spacial Perception clearly answered why she disliked the game Minecraft. She always complains how hard it is and even asks her two younger brothers (ages 8 and 6) to build things for her. This even answered why she never enjoyed legos and other crafts.

Unlike many tests which give the results right away, Mindprint learning takes its time and let their professionals carefully analyze each child’s answers. Child#1’s results were only made available after 5 business days.

I have to say, this assessment from Mindprint Learning is a great tool to have especially if you want to help your child excel in school. Aside from clearly giving the results, it also gives some suggestions on how a parent or teacher can help a child learn better.

Want to give it a try? 

Here’s the good news. If you are interested on trying this assessment, Mindprint Learning is giving all my readers a 20% discount by using the coupon code RLMNW.


(Note: I received free access to the site and assessment from Mindprint Learning as part of the blogger campaign with the New Jersey Bloggers Network and MindPrint Learning. This set up however has no effect on the opinions I posted and the experience my child and I had using the program.)

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  1. Roz-
    Thank you so much for your positive feedback on Mindprint. We’re glad to hear it was a worthwhile experience for both you and your daughter. We hope you’ll make use of some of the recommendations in the Toolbox too. Keep in mind the description of flexible thinking the next time she “digs in” and you think it’s just teen stubbornness– she might need some adult support to get to the right answer. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to support your family.

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