Morning Coffee Just got Better with Javazen

     I made it!  I survived the 7 Days No Sugar Challenge. As a thank you for staying with me and being very patient last week, I’m having a series of giveaways that I’m sure will make you excited. First off, is a special product called Javazen.     If your mornings are not complete without a nice big cup of coffee, (make mine light and sweet) and you would like to feel good throughout the day, then I suggest you give this unique Superfood Coffee Blend a try.

    Aside from being naturally free of gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nuts and peanuts, what makes Javazen more special than our regular cup of joe?

The Ingredients

     Organic Coffee – Sourced from Mayorga Coffee in Maryland, the coffee beans used are 100% USDA organic and OU Certified Kosher blend from South America.
     Organic Cocoa – It is the essence of Javazen, although it is not the overwhelming flavor note. Considered, “Food of the Gods”, cocoa contains over 200 energy and mood enhancing compounds. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate?
     Organic Matcha – For those who are not familiar with it, Matcha is basically 100% natural and organic green tea leaves which have been carefully ground to a fine powder. It is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.  Traditionally, it is a ceremonial tea drank by Buddhist monks prior to meditation in order to achieve a ‘sustained calm alertness’.
     Pine Pollen – It is a superfood that the makers of Javazen are proud to introduce to the rest of the world.  A very nutrient-dense pollen that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for longevity and vitality.  Javazen coffee blend contains 99% cell wall broken pollen which allows the nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.
     Pure Vanilla – Javazen contains real ground vanilla beans.  In order to uphold their promise of wholesome and unprocessed ingredients, they do not use any flavorings or extracts.
     Organic Cinnamon – This spice is full of antioxidants.  It is also known to help enhance one’s mood, keep the brain alert, speed up weight loss and even lower bad cholesterol.
    When I first learned about Javazen, I was really curious on what it would taste like.  As a big flavored coffee drinker, I was intrigued to find something that is not flavored with nut oils or artificial flavorings.  Kids are allergic to nuts remember?
    Anyway, when I received my complimentary 9 oz. bag in the mail, I noticed right away that the package doesn’t have any strong coffee smell.  I thought “Wow! They did pack it well.”
   The next morning, instead of going through my usual K-cup coffee selection, I took out my reusable cup for the machine and made myself a mug of Javazen.  As I got a scoop of the coffee blend, I observed that along with the granules, there are slightly bigger pieces of cocoa and light brown bits which could be the pine pollen.  When the short brew finished, I was surprised that the kitchen didn’t have that overpowering smell of freshly brewed coffee. I’m sure you know that scent which sticks to your clothes and fills the entire house.
    What I have instead is a drink which I know for sure is coffee but with a sweet hint of cinnamon.  Though I wasn’t able to detect the taste of matcha (I love green tea too), I do notice the vanilla scent and flavor after a few sips. There is no bitter before and after taste as well.  Even after I add my usual cream and sugar.
     It has been 3 weeks since I converted to Javazen.  Last week was included in the count because I did the No Sugar Challenge and honestly, I can’t drink coffee without cream and sugar. Anyway prior to the diet challenge, one significant difference I felt while having Javazen everyday is the consistent level of energy I have throughout the day.  With my morning coffee, I would have a regular 5pm slump that makes crave for another cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate.  A habit that I unconsciously removed which I think helped me a lot during the No Sugar challenge.
     For those who may be wondering if I had caffeine withdrawal symptoms when I stopped regular coffee and drank Javazen, I didn’t.  It’s still coffee remember?  With just the added bonus of matcha, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and pine pollen.

       Did I spike your curiosity?  Well, don’t worry, our generous friends from Javazen is giving a full size bag of their signature coffee to one lucky winner. Just follow the instructions below for chances to win it. This giveaway is open to US residents and ends on Aug. 23, 2014.        What are you waiting for?  Join now.



Note: This giveaway has ended and we had picked a winner!

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  1. Amazing giveaway! I love to add cinnamon and almond milk to my coffee and for a treat sometimes throw in some vanilla bean powder !! Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway.

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