My Completely Honest Review of OsterPro 1200 Plus Blender & Food Processor

“I’m Rozelyn and I’m a kitchen gadget-aholic.”

Yes, while some moms I know collect shoes, DVDs or knickknacks, I fill up my kitchen with cooking or baking gadgets. Do I actually use them? Of course! In fact, the kids have already nicknamed my kitchen “The Lab” and they all can agree that I can’t get enough tools.


So, when the amazing people at Moms Meet asked me to review the new OsterPro 1200 Plus Blender & Food Processor, I couldn’t say NO.

What Makes the OsterPro 1200 Plus Better?

  • 1200 Power Watts and 900 Watts of ice crushing power plus a pulse feature to help blend with precision


  • It offers Smart Setting Technology and 7 speeds including 3 pre-programmed settings for the most common blending creations.


  • It has Dual Blade Technology for extra blending power to chop and grind with precision, and an extra wide 3.5 ” blade system that allows ingredients to flow down into the blade easier for faster and smoother results.


  • Product includes an Extra Large 8 cup BPA-free TRITAN jar that is¬† dishwasher safe, impact and temperature resistant and an Extra Large Capacity 5 cup food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disk and chopping blade.


The sleek modern design and gray metallic finish also makes it a pretty  addition in the kitchen too.


The True Test

Over the years, I have owned quite a number of blenders. (I actually got my first one when I was just 9 years old from Santa.) Not because I just wanted to get the latest model but more importantly I had my share of motors burning/dying during use or the glass jars breaking. The later was always traumatizing.


A few years ago, I came across a brand of blender that was advertised as commercial grade. The demo about it was really amazing. The price $$$ though is something I wasn’t prepared to invest in. So even if I wanted the smoothest green smoothies, I learned to accept that no blender under $100 can do the job.

When my new OsterPro 1200 arrived, the first thing I wanted to make was a green smoothie using kale – one of the toughest leafy green. There was a pre-programmed button for a green smoothie so I used that too.


I was amazed how this new blender performed. In less than a few minutes (approximately 2 minutes), the handful of kale leaves disintegrated and turned to a creamy and thick smoothie.

Then, I also made a Squash and Mushroom soup. I love how the finish product didn’t have any lumps. Even the chopped onions and hearty mushrooms were no match to the OsterPro 1200 Plus.

For less than $100, this blender’s performance and versatility are worth more. The added food processor with slicing disk and chopping blades can easily cost another $150.

But you know what, the OsterPro 1200 is definitely a frugal mom’s friend. Not only does it costs less than $100, if you buy it now at Target, you’ll also print an extra $10 off coupon.

What a great deal right? If you are thinking gifts for the holidays, this one is definitely on the list.

Here’s an added bonus. I found this free shipping promo as well.

What are you waiting for?


(Note: I received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use the product and post my honest review on my blog. The post contains affiliate links.)

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