My Honest Review of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

When I was growing up, I remembered my grandmother giving me a milk based drink everyday. Though it tasted really good, she only allowed me to to have an one tiny bottle (80 ml) each day. She never elaborated the reason behind this habit. All she said was “it is good for your tummy. If you’re tummy is healthy, you will be healthy.”

Back then, I was never really curious about the drink or what’s in it that makes it healthy. Since almost all of my friends are also drinking it and the fact that it actually tastes delicious, I didn’t bother to look much into it.

After all my children were diagnosed with multiple food allergies and Child#3 started going to his Gastroenterologist, I started to become really interested on gut health and its effect on the body. That’s when I learned the importance of Probiotics and what grandma knew all along.

What are Probiotics?

According to the World Health Organization, Probiotics are “live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” They are the “friendly” bacteria that can help correct imbalances in our digestive system. In fact, our digestive system is home to trillions of bacteria including probiotics.

There are several sources of probiotics nowadays. Fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha and kimchi are very common and readily available. For those who wanted to get the health benefits without added ingredients and calories, probiotics also come in a capsule form and even chewy gummies.

Normally, I get my probiotics in food form. That is why I got really excited when the people at Moms Meet contacted me to try Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.

What Makes Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Different?

Unlike most other probiotic products, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics are not cultured or grown in a laboratory. Ingredients such as mountain spring water, fruits and vegetables are fermented for three years with 12 carefully selected and distinctive lactic acid bacteria. These are encapsulated with their own nutritious prebiotic culture medium and naturally occurring organic acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Each soft capsule contains LIVE bacteria (not freeze dried) which guaranteed to cohere in the GI tract. It is stable at room temperature. No refrigeration needed. 100% vegetarian chemical free, nonGMO and do not contain wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and fish. Now, here’s something really important. The box says it contains fermented soy but does not contain soybeans. I’ve reached out to the company about this and as of this writing, I haven’t had an answer. Once I get their explanation, I’ll gladly update this post.

The Test

Both my husband and I used the product.¬† Between the two of us, I would say, he’s the one with a more sensitive tummy. During the first two weeks of use, he didn’t really feel and difference except that he is now regular which he really liked.

As for me, the first two weeks of use was like a roller coaster ride. I’ve experienced some temporary reactions mentioned¬† on the box such as mild laxative and constipating effect. My diet was the same and I haven’t taken any other source of probiotic. Then after 10 days of use, I noticed that I’m back to normal. The big bonus is that I don’t feel bloated anymore after I eat.

Aside from noticeable effects on the digestive issues, I’m still waiting if Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics will help increase my energy levels or improve my sleep patterns. These are some of the benefits that they mentioned in the included flyer which I would love to experience. If I’ll be able to get those benefits, I think the $47.00 price per box (60 capsules) might be worth it.

Have you tried Probiotic supplements too? Love to hear your experience too.

 (Note: I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest review on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.)

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