My Honest Review of Force of Nature Cleaner

When I started to switch to non toxic and more environment friendly household products ten years ago, my options were very limited. Then the “green washing” trend came. So many brands began to pop out. From no options, the challenge became finding the right products that really do not contain harmful toxins, does the job well and free from excessive marketing tactics.

Though I have some favorites over the years, I’m always looking out for better alternatives. So when I was sent a Force of Nature Started Kit to try, I welcomed it with open arms. Take note, this post contains affiliate links. As usual, this set up doesn’t affect my opinion about the products.

What is Force of Nature?

Force of Nature is different from other all purpose cleaners in the market because it uses electricity to transform salt, vinegar and water to “electrolyzed water”. This electrolyzed water consists of two ingredients: Hypochlorous acid which is a disinfectant and Sodium hydroxide which is a degreaser.

Combined, these ingredients make a powerful multi-use cleanser that non toxic, safe for humans and pets and costs cheaper per ounce in comparison to leading “green” cleaners in the market.

Photo courtesy of Force of Nature

The Starter Kit includes a electrolyzer appliance with power cord, reusable spray bottle and 5 activator capsules. To make the cleaner, put the contents of one activator capsule in the electrolyzer. Then fill it up with regular tap water. Plug the electrolyzer and press the button. You’ll see the light at the bottom turn from blue to green. Once the light is entirely green, it’s ready to use.

Unlike most ready made cleaners, this solution has a two week “life span”. Yes, it actually expires. Why is that? It is due to the hypochlorous acid that loses its potency over time.

The Review

To be really honest, I was quite skeptical at first. I mean, can the process of heating water, vinegar and salt actually work? After using it on several surfaces, I was surprised that it worked well even if there’s no bubbles or “soapy residue”. It does have that vinegar smell which is common when using homemade cleaners.

While I enjoy using it, seriously, I can go through one bottle before its two week expiration, I have to say, making a batch and keeping track before it expires needs extra planning.

The activator capsules though reasonably priced is not readily available in stores too. But if you item online, you can easily stock up.

Over all, Force of Nature cleaner is a good investment. Not only does it work well, it also come with several certifications. It got the highest rating possible on Mayo Clinic’s Skin Safety even though it is registered with the EPA as a hospital disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Plus, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund (minus the return shipping cost). Curious? You can try it now. Use the code WOWCLEAN and get 40% off on any bundle plus free shipping. Just in time for the Spring cleaning season.


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