My “Mom Guilt” Fashion Story

Okay, here’s a little confession. After I found out that my children have multiple food allergies, I became very paranoid of taking care of my personal needs.

If there are things I like and have to get (new clothes that actually fit properly for instance), the mommy guilt often comes in. Most of the time, I’ll go clothes shopping for hours and end up with zero bags. It’s not because I didn’t find something, it’s just that I’m not willing to spend that much.

Then every time I’m getting ready in the morning, I’ll feel frustrated and annoyed.

“Nothing seems to fit right.”

“Goodness, this is so uncomfortable.”

“Seriously, I’m taking too long to get dress and I can’t find anything.”

Does these sound familiar?


Anyway, for years, I came across this online store called Cents of Style. While I love the  price points they have and the products look really fashionable and comfortable, I often stay away. Why? It seems so good to be true. At the back of my mind, I’m already judging that the quality isn’t there.

Then last month, as if my prayers were answered, I was able to try their clothes.  I have to say, I’m quite surprise with the quality of the fabric and fit.


Check out this gorgeous Remi magenta long sleeve swing dress I paired with printed Blanket Scarf. These two pieces worked really well together yet I can easily match each piece with the clothes or accessories I already have.

Not only am I obsessed with the color of the dress (it’s perfect for Fall and Winter), I love how the soft fabric nicely flows and follows the body shape too. I’m 5’1 and wears a size small. When I first saw the outfit, I was afraid that with the loose design, I’ll drown in fabric. But you know what? The cut was really forgiving. With the right pair of shoes, it even gave the illusion of added height.




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