My New Jersey Story and $11.99 State Necklace Sale

A few weeks ago, I was asked what State Necklace would I proudly wear. Without a hint of doubt, I immediately said “My home state – New Jersey!”

As I look back I can’t help but smile at my answer. You see, if you have asked me that question fourteen years ago, you’ll definitely get a different answer.

New Jersey State Necklace

I remember like it was just yesterday, I was looking for an apartment in the New York area. No matter how much I tried, my budget simply won’t allow me to get a decent place in there. Accepting defeat, I decided to get a temporary place across the bridge. Oh you should see the faces of my cousins when they found out I’m living in the Garden State. (They are New Yorkers and yes there’s an ongoing rivalry between these two states.)

Anyway, what I meant as a short term stint gave way to bigger things. Here in Jersey, I met my now husband. All my four kids were born and now being raised here too. This is where I found my calling to be a mom and got inspired to pursue my passion for business.

Though I still don’t have any relatives living in the state, over the years, I’ve met so many wonderful people who made me feel right at home.

NJ StateNecklace

While there were many opportunities that made me consider to move to another state, there are Jersey perks that I can’t afford to lose such as:

1. We don’t fill our own gas tanks. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, we get full service gas stations.

2. We have easy access to small family owned local farms.

3. We have a bunch of shopping malls and grocery stories within a 10 mile radius.

4. We have a lot of dining choices. If you’re a foodie like me, you can literally eat the world as ethnic cuisines are everywhere.

5. Though New Jersey is quite small compared to most states, we have so much attractions packed within 7,400 square miles — mountains, reservations, lakes, amusement parks, zoos, museums and of course, the shore (We don’t call it beach people.)

Speaking of state pride, did you like my New Jersey State Necklace?

Well, you can get one (with your preferred state) for just $11.99 plus free shipping this weekend only. That a big discount as it’s normally $24.95 each. Just use the coupon code NEWSTATE at checkout.

Not only are these pretty and fashionable, each of us have a personal story to go along with it too.  Get one now for yourself or for a friend. I’m sure there are wonderful stories behind it your choice too.

Enjoy your weekend!

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