National Family Day

          Today, September 23rd is National Family Day.  Who knew there’s such a thing?  I felt so embarrassed when my youngest asked what  was the special event printed in our calendar for today.  I confess, I am totally clueless since I rarely pay attention on those pre-printed events.  Thank you manufacturers!
          What was this day all about? To get answers, I went online and did some research.  Guess what?  I wasn’t able to get that much information either. Looks like it’s not as famous as Donut day, Ice Cream day or what have you day. 
         Anyway, here’s what I did find about it. Family Day was launched by CASA Columbia.   It is a national movement that celebrates parental engagement as a tool to help America’s kids substance free.  The group emphasizes the importance of parent’s involvement in a child’s life.  Simple daily tasks such as helping with the homework, eating together or doing after school activities together have lasting effects in a child’s life and their ability to make the right choices.  Sounds good enough right?
                                                    hoto courtesy of CASA Family Day´╗┐
         So, going back to the question earlier on how to celebrate today, the group encourages families to eat dinner together.  What’s so special about that? Reality is, having family dinner can be quite a challenge especially during week nights.  Some parents have different work schedules while  other members have after school activities.  The existence of computers, television, tablets and phones haven’t helped either. 
        For tonight, families are being asked to sit down and enjoy eating dinner together.  If you need some easy dinner ideas, click here.  Short on time? Takeout or pizza is fine.  As long as everybody is present.  Oh don’t forget to turn off those gadgets.  It’s family time after all.  So, are you up for the challenge?

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