New Jersey Epinephrine Access and Emergency Treatment Law

Happy dance Jersey people!

Yesterday, January 11, 2016, Bill A 4094 / S 2884 was signed into law by Gov. Christie. The bill which is now known as Epinephrine Access and Emergency Treatment Law will take effect May of this year.

Why am I so excited?

As you may recall, last year, another law was passed that required all schools in New Jersey both private and public to have a stock of undesignated medication available to be used by anyone who is suffering from an anaphylactic reaction caused by insect or food allergies as well the availability of trained school staff to administer the medication when the need arises.

Well, this new law expands the access of life saving medication (epinephrine) in public places across the state. Specifically, it allows an individual who has completed a training course approved by the Health Commissioner to administer epinephrine to someone experiencing severe allergic reactions and there are no health care professional or emergency medical technician on the scene.


The law also states that certain places and business such as restaurants, amusement parks, youth camps, theaters, etc. who employ an authorized person will be allowed to stock epinephrine for general use when someone experiences anaphylaxis in their location.

Don’t have food allergies? This law will still be beneficial to you in the long run.

You see, most of us who have or are dealing with known food and environmental allergies often carry our own medications to be used in case of an emergency. Since allergies can be outgrown or acquired anytime, a person may only know that he or she has an allergy to something when a reaction occur. In the event of a severe reaction, this law can save a friend or family member’s life.

As the saying goes, it is always better to be prepared.

To the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, fellow NJ residents and all who supported this cause, Thank You!

I hope other states will follow soon.

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