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     It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a giveaway and I’m sure you are missing it too. Right? Well, today I have an exciting news. Our friends from Moms Meet and Veri Organic Soda have graciously sponsored a special treat just for you my TFMFriends.  
   Before I give you the details for the giveaway, I have a confession to make. While I was able to readily remove all the foods that my children were allergic to from our home, up to now, I still have a tough time giving up soda. While this carbonated drink is not really a staple in our diet, (We are the unlimited water family), there are just some meals that doesn’t feel complete without it. 
    For instance, I always enjoy an icy root beer soda to go along my burger and fries. A cola tastes great with Crispy Pata (Deep fried marinated pork) or Lechon Kawali (Fried pork chunks). While Ginger ale is perfect with Chinese food.  
     I admit, my soda and food parings is my “dirty” little secret. I’m not proud to share these delicious indulgences because I’m also a big fan of healthy eating. Soda is on the contrary is the epitome of true unhealthy food. As most healthy advocates will say, enjoying the later just overthrows my good intentions.  
    This got me thinking.  Why does this bubbly treat has such a bad reputation? Then, out of the blue, I was contacted by Moms Meet to review this new brand of soda called Veri Soda.   
    At first, I was quite confused with the product. The terms “soda” and “organic” in one line doesn’t seem to go hand in hand right? Soda depicts bad for the health.  While “organic” equates good for the body.  
    After I visited Veri Soda’s official website, the questions lurking in my brain were answered.  Soda got its bad reputation from the ingredients used to make it.  A typical soft drink contains high fructose corn syrup, caffeine and phosphoric acid.  It is also loaded with chemical preservatives.  
    Veri Soda’s mission is to make a different kind of soda with no artificial colors, aromas, flavoring or even sweeteners. They were even able to eliminate 65% of the calories without sacrificing the taste. How did they do it? By simply using the best organic ingredients which is easily seen in each can. These includes organic cane sugar, stevia extract, lemons, ginger and cinnamon.  The end result is a delicious treat without the guilt.  

     Aside from being a USDA-NOP organic certified soda, Veri Soda is caffeine free, lightly carbonated which allows us to taste the actual flavor. There’s no harsh sweetness or lingering after taste like most zero calorie sodas.  It has a “low glycemic load” meaning you won’t have a sugar spike or the dreaded crash after. The best part, a 12 oz can only has 60 calories! 

     Sounds good so far?  Well, for any soda drinker, the true test is the taste. There are 4 flavors of Veri Soda and our family was able to taste all of it.  Here’s our consensus. In general, we found out that Veri Soda is not overly sweet. Yes, there’s a hint of sweetness but not the type that will keep you thirsty and craving for more.  Surprisingly, it indeed is good both cold and at room temperature. Though I still prefer it icy cold. 
    The orange flavor was the favorite of my kids. It tastes like orange juice but with the bubbles. Since it is not extremely sweet, I didn’t need to dilute it in ice.  Yes! I’m that mom.  The lemon lime I have to say is the farthest from the soda we are used to. It’s not bad tasting. In fact, it is like lemonade with the bubbly.  As for the cola flavor, the die hard fans of the two leading cola brands will definitely taste the difference. It’s not the same as any of the two. However, I love it.  To better describe the taste, it is close to that of root beer.  Since I’m a fan of it, then it captured my heart. Lastly, is the ginger ale. This is my favorite flavor. I can taste the ginger but in a sweet and refreshing way.  It is tasty palate cleanser especially after a greasy meal. 

     Curious to try Organic Veri Soday already? Then let me tell you about the giveaway.  2 lucky US TFM Friends will each get a coupon for a FREE 4-Pack Veri Soda. There are 4 ways to get entries – type in a comment after this post, visit our Allergy Friendly home on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway or become a VIP TFMFriends newsletter subscriber.  Do one or all.  As always, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning.  
     The giveaway starts today and will end on April 29, 2015 11:59 EST.  
     What are you waiting for? 
      Good luck!

(Note: I received the product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program of May Media LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer.  As  Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media LLC or the manufacturer of this product. Please see my full disclosure here.)

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