Partake Foods: There’s a New Allergy Friendly Cookie on the Block

So much has changed since my children were first diagnosed with food allergies. I can still remember the dilemma I had five years ago which gave way to this blog. At that time, finding products which are top 8 allergen free seemed almost impossible.

Now, more and more allergy friendly companies are coming out. One of the newcomers that I’m so excited to share with you is Partake Foods, a line of healthy and tasty kids foods that nut free, gluten free and vegan. It is also non GMO and Kosher.

Denise, Jeremy and Vivi of Partake Foods
Denise, Jeremy and Vivi of Partake Foods

This company which is based here in New Jersey was started by a husband and wife team, Denise and Jeremy Woodard after they found out that their daughter has multiple food allergies. Because they have first hand experience on food allergies, it is really important to them that their facility will also be free of the top 8 allergens as well.


Not only are the Mini Cookies free of wheat, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shell fish and fish, it also included healthier ingredients such as carrots, potato, beet and blueberries. If you are someone like me who loves to “sneak in” vegetables and fruits in baked goods, I’m sure you’ll like Partake Food Cookies.


We had a chance to try these cookies and I have to say, Child#2, who happens to be the pickiest vegetable and fruit eater, liked them. Her favorite was the Sweet Potato Millet which she described as a soft cookie with crunchy stuff in it. She said it reminded her of the cookies I used to bake with chunks of peanuts or walnuts that she used to love.


Curious about Partake Foods Cookies? Well, right now, these are not yet available in stores or online. That’s why I’m encouraging you to support their KickStarter campaign. As a community, this is our chance to help a small food allergy friendly business that actually “gets it” bring safe and healthier options to us who needs it the most.

Are you with me?


(Note: While this is a sponsored post, our family liked the product and company’s mission so much that I am not hesitant to share their project with you. See my full disclosure here.)

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