Perfect Slow Cooker Pot Roast, Gluten & Dairy Free

We have just hit 40’s this morning here in New Jersey. As much as I try to, there’s no more denying that Fall is here.

As we bring out the scarves and sweaters, I’m sure you also crave something warm and hearty. What could be more appropriate and comforting than a bowl of beef stew?

While I enjoy slaving in the kitchen for hours (Yes, cooking and baking makes me happy), there’s no way I can possibly do that.

You see, this year is quite a challenge for me already. With four kids in three different schools, my driving hours didn’t just doubled. It actually tripled… even quadrupled.

What can I do? I can’t stop the kiddos from growing. Child#1 is now a high school Freshman. Then I have one in Upper Middle School and one in Lower Middle School. Oh and the baby is now a 3rd grader!

Since my kitchen time had lessened, I really have to rely on my friendly slow cooker to work overtime for me. That is why I decided to revamp some of our favorite stew recipes and make them slow cooker friendly.

This slow cooker Pot Roast was inspired by the Yankee Pot Roast that the kids love. While the original recipe has a slow cooker method, I decided to make this version really simple and with lesser ingredients.

Of course, this recipe will taste a little different. But the kids and I assure you this one is also a winner.

Now, here’s a quick savings tip. I serve this Perfect Pot Roast with either steamed white rice or cooked quinoa. That way, my hungry crowd will have their fill and there will still be enough left overs for school lunch the next day. Sounds good?

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3 lbs. beef stew meat cut in 2 inch cubes

1 big onion, chopped

2 stalks of celery, chopped

1 cup peeled and chopped carrots

2 cups low sodium chicken stock

2 tsp. celery salt

2 tsp. garlic salt

2 tsp. onion powder

2 Tbs. coconut aminos

1 lb fingerling potatoes or young potatoes cut in half


1. In a glass container, mix together the chicken stock, celery salt, onion powder, garlic powder and coconut aminos. Set aside.

2. Put the meat, celery, carrots, onions and potatoes in the slow cooker.

3. Add the stock mixture and mix well.

4. Cover and cook on high for 6 hours or on low for 8 hours.



  1. What a delicious slow cooker pot roast idea, I am glad you shared it. Being that it is gluten and dairy free, I am certain this will be a popular recipe idea. Plus, with the fall season I always think of hearty meals like this.

    1. I used coconut animos as a substitute for soy sauce. It gives that umami flavor without being salty. 2 of my kids are allergic to soy.

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