Product Review: Kids Smart Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement

This post is brought to you by Bioglan Kids Smart Omega-3 Fish Oil through the Moms Meet program. As a Moms Meet blogger, I get free products to review and was compensated to test the mentioned product. This arrangement doesn’t not at all affect my opinions. All my opinions are based on our experience. This post also contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure here.

When I was growing up, there are three supplements that my mom encourages (forced) me to take – multivitamins, iron and fish oil. The multivitamins which came in a syrup form was my favorite. As in my Yaya (nanny) would have to make sure that I only take just one dosage a day because I’m more than happy to finish the whole bottle in one sitting. Yes, it is that good.

For the iron and fish oil though, I cannot say the same. Oftentimes, it would require tons of coercing in order for me to take some. I mean, the taste, smell and even after taste of those supplements were really intolerable. Did I still consume it? Of course! Let’s just say, I couldn’t disagree with my mom whenever she talked about the benefits of fish oil and how much I needed that extra iron because of my deficiency.

Decades later, even though there are now plenty of brands to choose from, I still notice that isn’t much change when it comes to the taste, smell and after taste of iron and fish oil supplements. So, when our friends of Moms Meet asked me to try Bioglan Kids Smart Omega-3 Fish Oil, I grabbed the opportunity. I was really hoping to finally find “the right” fish oil supplement that my kids will actually accept.

What makes Bioglan Kids Smart Omega-3 Fish Oil stand out?

Kids Smart is specifically formulated to assist in providing children (and adults) with adequate levels of vital Omega-3 Fish oil nutrients DHA and EPA. These can help support and maintain healthy brain function, eye health and nervous system health. They also support learning as well as healthy behavior and temperament in some children.

It comes in “chewable burstlets” in the shape of a fish and has a sweet berry taste. Each burstlet provides up to 10x more fish oil than other kids’ supplements.

This supplement is also free of gluten, yeast, wheat and dairy. On the label, Fish is the only allergen stated. To make sure though, I reached out to the company for possibility of soy, egg, shellfish, nuts and peanuts. As of this writing, I haven’t heard from them but I will definitely update you once the information is available.

Our experience

Three out of the four kids and I tried this product. Child2 didn’t participate as she has high shellfish allergy and I haven’t heard from the brand yet about it.

Personally, I like the taste of the fish oil in this product. The berry flavor is not to sweet and is actually pleasing to the palate. It has not fishy smell, taste and even after taste. The burstlet makes it really convenient to take. No mess and just the right amount every time.

While I like the concept of the burstlet, my kids and I all agree that it is felt like chewing plastic. To be more specific, it is harder than normal gum. Even if it doesn’t stick to the teeth, we still found it unappealing to chew. When not chewed, the burstlet slowly melts in the mouth. However, it takes a really long time for the burstlet to breakdown. So instead of swallowing, we just spit out the capsule after getting the fish oil.

Take note, the instructions on the label also mentions that we can just twist off the tail (it comes in the shape of a fish remember?) and squeeze out the fish oil directly in the mouth. We tried this method too but we found it easier to just bite the capsule, swallow the fish oil and discard the burstlet.

For a seasoned Fish oil consumer, I find this product a fun and delicious way of getting my Omega-3’s. I mean, I really enjoy the taste and would personally buy it for me. As for the kids, it is an acquired taste. The first time they took it, they complained. After three more tries, they found it okay. Not really excited but tolerable.

A 30 count bottle typically retails for $9.99 (which I think is worth it considering some fish oil brands are priced way higher and doesn’t have an appealing taste). It also available in a 180 count bottle that normally retails for $54.99.

If you are curious and would like to give it a try, here’s a 20% OFF promo code 20MM20KS for a 30-count bottle.


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