Product Review: Krevare SoapSeat Promise “No More Soggy Soap!”

      Do you watch infomercials?  Come on, admit it.  There’s something in that 15-30 minute show that not only captures our attention.  Most of the time, it draws us in a trance like state and the next thing we know, we just spent our precious half hour and even a portion of our budget.  Sounds familiar?      One of the reasons why I think an infomercial has that much power on us is that it shows us how ordinary things can be re- invented and solve common everyday problems.  With a little design change, the new product promises to make our lives easier and a whole lot better.

Speaking of innovative products, I would like to introduce you to Krevare Soapseat aka “The Perfect Soap Dish”. Hmmm… I know what you’re thinking. “Not another soap dish, again!” Well, let me tell you more about this unique 2 piece soap dish that was designed to answer the #1 dilemma most soap users encounter all the time  – soggy soap.  Am I getting you interested frugal people?


As I mentioned earlier, the SoapSeat by Krevare consists of two parts.  First is the removable tray which was constructed not only hold our favorite soap but to keep water from staying on the grates. The spout like, patent pending design quickly drains the excess liquids which allows the soap to actually dry in between uses.  Thus, NO MORE soggy or mushy soap!   Made with durable Eastman tritan copolyester plastic, the tray is designed for easy cleaning by hand and even dishwasher.

The second part of the system is the base that holds the soap tray.  It has two adjustable legs which can be customized for raised rim sinks and soaking tub edges.  The non slip “feet” hold the unit in place without damaging the finish of the counter top surfaces.  Plus, there are no exposed steel parts that can corrode or rust.


The Verdict

After trying the Krevare Soap set for week, I have to say that it did fulfill its promise of making our favorite soap last longer.  Water just slides through the crevices which helped prevent the soap from being submerged.  It even made the soap dry in between uses.

Since there are no soapy water constantly running on the side of our bathroom sink and tub, I also noticed that there is no thick soap scum that accumulates on the wall of the tub and sink.  This made clean up a lot easier.

The product also instantly matched my bathroom decor.  Though the material is made of plastic, it was not flimsy or cheap looking.  In fact, it can pass as a pricey porcelain or ceramic.  I love that it looks great and I don’t have to worry that the kids will accidentally break it.

Not only is it a functional and pretty addition to the any sink or tub, it also saves me money in the long run.  Who knew a soap dish can get that better?

Getting excited to try your own Krevare Soapseat?  So far, it’s not yet available in stores.  You could however support it on Kickstarter.  By being a Backer of this project, you will not only help it become available in stores, you’ll also get your very own SoapSeat for 30% off the retail price.  Isn’t that sweet?  Head on to their project page now.  Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

What are you waiting for?

– Roz

(Note:  I have received a free sample product to be used for this review.  I am not affiliated in any way to the company.  See my full disclosure here. )

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