Project Healing Hands

It has been a month since our normal routines were changed by Covid-19. While most of us were asked to stay home, another group of people were battling this pandemic head on.

Particularly, the health care workers – nurses, doctors, medical technicians, hospital workers are now our frontliners.

As someone whose friends are mostly in the health care field (I’m of Filipino descent), one of the most common concerns I often hear from them is dry hands. Between the constant washing and glove changes, their hands always take a beating on a regular basis. I can’t even imagine how it is now when the hospitals are overflowing and they are working non stop.

With that concern in mind, I thought of doing something to show our health care workers how much we appreciate their hard work. I called it Project Healing Hands.

The kids and I will put together a Care Package aimed to help take care of the hands of our health care frontliners.

Each Healing Hands Care package includes:

  • a full size hand cream or protective balm
  • a travel size hand cream
  • a note of gratitude.

The Care packages will then be hand delivered to local hospitals here in New Jersey.

I know it may seem not much but I can really say that they will very much welcome this kind gesture.


Check out Beautycounter products and for every purchase this month of May, I’ll donate 10% of my commission to put together a “Healing Hands” care package.

Please make sure to use the link and click the POP-UP link on the upper right hand corner. Otherwise, I won’t be able to track your contribution.

Take note, if you are new customer, you automatically get 20% off your order too.

Sponsor a “Healing Hands” Care package

The total cost of each Care package is $25.00. Please use the button below to send me your donation. You can also include a special message for the recipient for the care package. Just type it at the section provided and we will include it in the bag.

My goal is to prepare about 50 Care packages to give to nurses and other health care workers based here in New Jersey. I know this may seem a lot but I believe we can make this happen.

Thank you so much for your support.

Sending you all our love and prayers.


“It is not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts. – Mother Teresa