Reading the Bible in a Year Project

Have you ever wanted to read the bible more yet struggled to find the time to do so? Did you ever wished you could attend or join a bible study group but can’t find one? Are you just curious what the bible actually contains?

Well, here’s a confession. I have always wanted to read the Bible from start to finish. However, I never did. Even if I am born, raised and practicing Catholic and had spent all my schooling (from Kindergarten to two college degrees) in Catholic schools, it did not help either.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. In fact, back in high school and college, I used to do daily scripture readings. One thing I noticed though is that most of the guides tend to focus on certain passages over and over again. Which meant that left several other books in the bible were left out. FYI, the bible actually contains 66 books written by 40 different authors.

Anyway, over the weekend, a close friend introduced me to a podcast called The Bible in a Year by Fr. Mike Schmitz. Based on The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, this podcast was designed to help people understand the Bible like never before by using The Bible Timeline Learning System of narrative books and supplemental books. Developed by Jeff Cavins over twenty years ago, this system has been extremely successful at helping Catholics understand the bible.

For less than 30 minutes each day (that’s the maximum length of each episode), I’ll not only have my daily prayer time, I will also be able to better understand (and hopefully) read through the whole bible in 365 days!

It may sound like a big commitment. But as I look at my planner and see how much time I spend on social media, I think it can work. With that in mind, I started an FB group called Bible in a Year with TheFrugalistaMOM. It’s a daily doze of inspiration and support for all those who want to do this project with me or simply like to have a safe place for encouragement. Just like the podcast, the group is also free for you to join. It is will an honor to have to you there.


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