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With all the high costs of managing food & environmental allergies, asthma and eczema, I’m sure finding deals on every thing is definitely a top priority of yours too. Since most medications and food are already considered “non negotiable” in our budget, we need to look for creative ways to stretch those precious dollars, right?

Before our food allergy journey, I already consider myself as a deal hunter. Yes, I’m not a fan of buying at retail price. So, when the time came when I have to tinker our budget to make room for the pricier grocery items and medications, I scoured the internet for coupons and promo codes before buying.

Over the years, many websites provided the service of listing deals. coupons and promo codes. Some required paid membership while many are free to join. Don’t confuse this listing sites with rebate websites or app. That is a totally different ball game.

Anyway, late last year, I came across Unlike most promo listing websites, wherein the information you’ll see are just the coupon codes, deals and expiration dates, Dealspotr made promo hunting way easier and more fun.

For starters, it is free to join the site. Once you become a member, you’ll have a personal dashboard. There you will find a  list of deals conveniently located on the left side of the screen. Now, here’s the good part, you can customize the deals that you want to see in your screen feed. This means you’ll be able to see offers from brands or companies that you’re only interested in. (Yup, no baby bottles or baby clothes for me.)

“Does all the promo codes valid or working?” I hear you on this. So many times I’ve danced for joy because of a great deal and then it didn’t work at all. Well, everything in this world isn’t guaranteed. That means online info too. However, the people at Dealspotr work so hard to make sure that the deals posted are working and current. That’s why they decided to ask for the members’ help. In fact, they give bonuses (in the form of points) to  members for verifying that a particular promo is valid.

Speaking of points, I’m sure you’re curious on how to get the free gift cards I mentioned on the title.

Well, here’s how it works.

Basically, a member earns points for doing very simple tasks on the site. These points add up. Once you reach a particular number of points, you’ll be able to get an Amazon gift card as a reward.

I know what you’re thinking. Will it be difficult to earn points? Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it is easy to earn points.

Here are ways on how to get them:

  1. Post any promo, coupon code, freebie that you see online. If you are subscribed to the mailing lists of your favorite brands, I’m sure you always get those emails. Why not get rewarded for sharing?
  2. Validate a product deal. If the promo you wanted to post is already on the list. Don’t worry, you’ll also get points by letting others know that the promo actually works.
  3. Validate a coupon code. Were you able to use the coupon code listed on Dealsptr? Aside from the savings you got, you’ll also get points for verifying that the coupon code is up to date and still usable.
  4. Pick a deal and re post it on your feed. Sometimes you are in a hurry and won’t be able to shop right away, I’m sure you try to “bookmark” it. By re-posting the deal you found in your feed, you’ll be able to save it and even get extra points.
  5. Subscribe or follow another member’s feed. Dealspotr is a community of bargain hunters and sharers. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll get points for following someone.
  6. Refer others to become members. At Dealspotr, the believe in sharing. So, more points for sharing the membership perks.

Sounds easy enough?

I have to warn you though, accumulating points can be very addicting. But who doesn’t want to get free Amazon gift cards?

Is it only for bloggers?

Nope! It’s open for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned online bargain hunter or just trying to test the waters, you can join Dealspotr.

If you are blogger though, I can give you a special code so that you’ll have an automatic upgrade to Verified Influencer Status. Just send me a message at These codes are very limited to let me know right away.

To sum up, is one of my favorite deal listing websites because:

  • It is very user friendly.
  • There are no duplicate promos, codes or deals. Once a code is registered, one can’t add it anymore.
  • It rewards you for sharing information that you already have or know.
  • The personalized feed allows you to save time searching deals for brands, products or services that you like.
  • Free gift cards!

But don’t just take my word for it. Try Dealspotr now and see for yourself.

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