Schar Gluten Free Hangout with Dr. Anne

        Are you in a gluten free diet?  Do you have wheat allergy, gluten sensitivities or with Celiac disease? Whether you are newly diagnosed or has been in this G Free lifestyle for years, I’m sure there are still so many questions that are swirling in your minds about it.  
       Schar, the world leader in gluten free products since 1922, in it’s efforts to help support people who are living this restrictive diet, has started a series of live online video event called Gluten Free Google Hangout with Dr. Anne.  If you don’t know her yet, Dr. Anne Lee is the Schar’s resident dietitian and gluten free expert. 

        For tonight’s first airing, three special guest bloggers will join Dr. Anne in the panel.  These are Erin Smith of Gluten Free Fun, Reesa Lewandowski of Momma Lew and Rozelyn De Sagun of The Frugalista Mom’s Allergy Friendly Home.  (Hey, that’s me!)  From 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm,  we will be answering questions and discussing the following topics:
  • The benefits and pitfalls of the new Gluten-free labeling laws
  • How to get good grains in your diet
  • Preparing for the holidays, Gluten Free Style

       Sounds fun?  Oh yes it will be!  Prepare all our questions and join us tonight.  Simply click the link below and you’re in.   It’s that easy.
         Hope to see you there.


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