Self-Help and Short Story Collection Recommendations from LitNuts

Just in time for the gift giving season, the holidays and the virtual learning days, this guest post by the LitNuts creators, contains great book recommendations on the topic of Self-Help (Hello 2021?).

They also include a list of books that contain short stories that will sure to please any seasoned reader or someone who just needs a “quick doze” of inspiration or motivation as they tackle each day.

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First of all, thank you to Rochie for having LitNuts as a guest, and greetings to all of Rochie’s friends and followers.

We are excited to share some recommendations on great self-help books and short story collections, especially as we approach the holiday season. Books are always a nice gift – although we have to be careful when giving self-help books. Maybe a book about How to Be a Better Person (not a real book) was inspiring to you, but your spouse or your boss might be less-than-inspired about receiving it as a gift.

All kidding aside, our recommendations are listed below. The price listed is the lowest current price, usually for the e-book edition, but these books are available in print and (in some cases) in audio editions as well. Click any title for a more detailed description.

These are engaging and enlightening books – and great examples of the creative and innovative works being produced by independent publishers. If you’d like to see more, give LitNuts a try. It’s free and we’re giving new subscribers a free Kindle E-book (20+ choices) and a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google or IndieBound on Thanksgiving.

Crazy about Books,

Kathleeen & Mike

Self-Help Book Recommendations

The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen’s Wellness & Academic Journey in Today’s Competitive World by Cynthia Muchnick and Jenn Curtis

The Parent Compass helps parents understand their role in navigating the tween and teen years amidst a competitive academic environment that has resulted in overparenting and, indeed, even fraud and bribery. From $8.69

Dad’s Great Advice For Teens by Marc Fienberg. The perfect gift to help a teenager be happy, be successful and make good decisions. Also, a great gift for any parent trying to better connect to their kid. From $7.99

The Lighten Up Book: Affirmations and Insights to Inspire Health and Happiness by Allen Klein, Steve Wilson. As inspirational as it is instructive, The Lighten Up Book is a treasury of moving and meaningful sayings that spurs readers to live life to the fullest. From $8.49.

Listify: List and Journal Your Way to Balance, Self-Discovery and Self-Care by Marina Greenway. Lists help us free up our brain space and chronicle our unique lives on paper. Flex this superpower on a journey of self exploration. From $7.12.

The Gift of Crisis: Finding Your Best Self in the Worst of Times by Susan Mecca. A practical and inspirational guide for individuals going through medical, interpersonal or professional crises and their caregivers. From $2.99

Great Short Story Collections

The Boyfriend Book by Michael Reid. 300 women sat down with Mike, and after three hours, 299 of them agreed that they never wanted a boyfriend again. This book tell you Why. From $4.98

Whiskey, Etc. by Sherrie Flick. Funny and serious, outrageous and completely familiar, a brilliantly written collection of short stories by writer at the top of her game. From $9.99

Bull and Other Stories by Kathy Anderson. Disoriented and illuminating, playful and often penetrating, the stories are marvelous pleasures, whether taken one at a time or gobbled ravenously. From $8.69

Up in the Main House and Other Stories by Nadeem Zaman. “Modern Day Dhaka and its residents are generously represented in this powerful collection. Meticulously constructed in both language and emotion, Zaman’s stories sneak up on the reader and consistently deliver.” – Publisher’s Weekly . From $9.49

Party Girls by Diane Goodman. A deft exploration of community, class and culture through the allure of the party – the desire to throw one the work it takes to pull it off, and the surprising and sometimes devastating ways these seemingly light-hearted events can alter lives. From $5.99

River Talk: Stories by CB Anderson. Surefooted and emotionally deft, the stories of River Talk introduce an array of characters who explore loss and desire, regret and hope. From $2.99

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