Silence No More

Finally! I’m so excited to share with you what I have been up to for the past few months.

For years, I have always wanted to connect more with you through videos. While the intent was there, the technicalities of editing, allotting a decent spot in our tiny home and finding someone to actually take the videos made it quite a challenge.

While that dream has been in my heart, I never really had the courage to pursue it. I felt that it was not the right time because I have way too much on my plate.

Earlier this year, I got a message from a long time (very long time) friend and personal coach, Jenny Umali. She wanted to ask my opinions on an online talk show idea. Knowing her background, I was really happy for her. I told her send me the details and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

When I received her email, I was immediately drawn to the mission of the talk show. At the back of my mind, I was already thinking of ways to help her promote the show through my blog and social media. As I went through the contents (it was quite long), I was having goosebumps. My heart was telling me to be actively involved in the project. Then at the very end, I saw this question, “Will you be one of my co-hosts?”

I couldn’t believe what I read. In fact, it took me days to even let her know that I received the email. While the thought of it fired a desire in my heart, my full family calendar was telling me otherwise.

When she followed up with a phone call, I knew she felt my excitement as well as hesitance. It was a big commitment after all. Then she told me, let’s just try.

Lo and behold, within days of my YES to the project, our calendar was wiped clean due to the pandemic. It really felt like this is something that I have to do and the universe is setting a path for me.

After asking the kids for that much needed support, the project required at least 3 hours of silence and stillness in the middle of a day (a Saturday) for taping, I was quite surprised that they actually gave me their full cooperation. Well, as long as they won’t be on camera.

So, after weeks for hard work, I’m so eager to spill it out.

Here’s our press release

Everyone has a unique voice waiting to be heard… unique experience waiting to be revealed… unique stories waiting to be shared…

Welcome to Expose and Express. An online talk show created by Jenny Umali and hosted by women from different walks of life who are not afraid to say their opinions on real-life topics.

Just like a “date with your girlfriends”, this show will be filled with juicy subjects, honest questions, juicy comments, and practical solutions. Expect lots of laughter, empowerment and even some tears.

Hosted by Jenny Umali, a former actress, singer, model, chef and who is now a Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and CEO of Successful Self Made Women and Purple Light Healing.

Co-hosted by:

Bernz Bayabo, a Certified Rapid Results Coach, Digital Marketing Strategist and an Online Business Coach.

Irina Kurtsevaya, CEO and Founder of Terralogia Sustainable Business Consulting and International Business Coach & Strategist.

Jill Seibenbrodt, CEO and Founder of Jill 2.0, a Life and Business Coach and

Rochie DeSagun, Founder and Content Creator of TheFrugalistaMOM and is also a Food Allergy Mentor

Expose and Express Season 1 premiers on May 9, 2020.

This online talk show is free for you to watch and share to all your friends. So please, check out Expose and Express. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it too.


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