Sugar Plum Fruit?

      I confess I am not a big fruit and vegetable eater.  As far as I can remember, I always gave my parents a hard time when it came to this food group.  So when two of my children turned out to be picky plant eaters, I wasn’t surprise at all. 
      Though I can’t literally force my non herbivore kids, I love to bring them to the Farmer’s Market.  This gives them the opportunity to see various fruits and vegetables. Hopefully, the colors will get them curious enough to try to taste something new. 
       Yesterday was a special discovery day.  Did you know that there is an actual fruit that’s called Sugar Plum?  All the while, we thought sugar plums just exist on children’s story books.  Does Sugar Plum Princess or Fairy ring a bell? 
        Anyway, this fruit that looks like a big red grape which has a big pit in the middle is a must try.  It’s juicy and tastes like a very sweet nectarine. My 2 fruit eaters love it.  I even got hooked.  Child #2 and #4 even tried it without hesitation.  Will they eat it again?  I’m not sure but it’s definitely worth a shot.
        Have you tried these Sugar Plums?  Did you like it?  Love to hear from you.
– Roz 

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