Surprisingly Good and Healthy Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

          Do you have a foodie buddy? You know that friend who always enjoys talking about food, eating and even shares recipes with you.  I do!  In fact my list of food loving friends exponentially grew when I started my food allergy journey.  If you don’t have at least one yet, don’t worry, yours truly is always here.  Also, you are most welcome to join me and the gang on Facebook thru the page Allergy Friendly Home.   
            One of my favorite foodie buddies is Fit Chef Trina of Fit Chef for Life. I have known this wonderful person for years.  We were college block mates to be exact.  Okay people, I’m not revealing any age here so don’t ask how long that has been.  Anyway,  Trina is a living testimony that one doesn’t have to sacrifice good food to be able to be healthy.  Check out her amazing story and I’m pretty sure you will be inspired too.
            When I first learned about the restrictions in my children’s diet, Fit Chef Trina was one of the firsts who came to my rescue.  She gave me ideas on what other food I can use as substitute for dairy and eggs.  She even shared her easy to prepare gluten free dishes.  Most importantly, she empowered me to tackle this cooking for food allergies challenge in a very positive manner.
           Earlier this month, she surprised me with a recipe for a healthier gluten and egg free Chocolate Chip Cookies.  My children were so excited when I showed them the picture.  With just some minor substitutions, we were able to make the cookies and the response was priceless.  We are even making another batch right after I finish this post. 
        I love that I can make these cookies right in the food processor.  That means less things to clean up for me.  The original recipe calls for Almond Butter and Almond Milk.  Since we are nut free at home, I used Vanilla flavored Flax Milk and No Nuts Pea Butter.   Also, instead of the sweeteners mentioned, I made the cookies with what I have on hand which is Organic raw cane sugar (about 2/3 cup).  I also used Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips in place of the Ghirardelli ones.
            To make the cookies even in size, I used a small ice cream scoop that holds about two tablespoons of batter.  Then I dipped a fork in some sugar to flatten it before putting the chocolate chips on top.  I was able to get a total of 24 cookies from the recipe.
             I urge you to give this recipe a try. You, your mom, friends and even children will surely love these delicious treat.  Not to mention, your body will love you back too.
           Enjoy your week Frugalista Foodies!


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