TFMApproved Box

Do you like throwing away money?


       I don’t!

      During the earlier days of our family’s food allergy journey, I confessed, I’ve thrown away so much money. I remembered those times when gluten free and allergy friendly products were very difficult to find. Whenever I find one, the price is definitely at least thrice the amount of their non allergen containing counterpart.

       Since we have no choice, I just closed my eyes and put that item in my shopping cart.  Then when I reached home, about 80% of the time, my beloved children will just take a bite and throw the rest in the garbage. Oh and they even have the guts to tell me that this item “tastes like cardboard”, “I don’t like it”, “it makes me throw up”.

       They didn’t care how much I paid for it or how long it took me finding that product.

       Does this story sound familiar?






        After years of blogging, working with brands and having access to expos, I realized how blessed I am to get to sample these pricey gluten free and allergy friendly products first before buying whatever my kids and I liked.

          Since I know most of you would also love to get samples and coupons, I decided to launch the TFMApproved Pack. It’s a package filled with gluten free and allergy friendly coupons or samples my family and I love. It’s my way of helping you try out products.