Thank You from a Food Allergy Mom

As we prepare for tomorrow’s festivities, let us not forget what Thanksgiving is all about. That is to give thanks for the blessings we received the whole year.


When I tried to remain still and reflect on the things that had happened since January, I can’t help but get flooded with instances wherein my temper was really tested. For a mom who has a child (children in my case), it is always easier to get offended or frustrated. Do you agree?

Slowly I  came to my attention that I’ve focused more on the negatives. To be able to be thankful,  I  have to switch the button and see past those instances. Instead, I tried to recall those situations wherein my kids felt accepted, appreciated and included.


Within minutes, I had a big list of people to thank.

I would like to share with you the Thank you note I wrote on the Fresh Kids community page. Simple as it may seem, it really pinched my heart.

In the next 2 days, I challenge you to write at least 5 moments in 2015 that you are thankful for. Then let me know how you felt after.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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