The Best Way to Nurture Your Intuition

Have you ever wished to be able to hear your intuition louder so that you can follow your “gut” more?

This guest post by Michele Sammons, author of The Little Book of Big Knowing gives us an idea on how to nurture that inner voice we all have.

I hope this will help you as we navigate this super noisy and hectic world.


The Best Way to Nurture Your Intuition From the Perspective of an Intuitive

If you’re wondering if you are an intuitive, I’ve got good news for you! You are born with intuition. It’s part of the human package. Why? Because as a soul, you naturally sense, know and communicate from this broader perspective and you bring this skill with you into human life.

Intuition is natural and it’s accessible for everyone. When you are in that frequency, you are wise, alert, loving, and in-sync with life.

Ironically, the skill you have to learn as a human is to be analytical. Linear thinking is part of the human game because while on Earth, we exist in time and space. So we need analytical thinking in a physical world to get from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, we tend to focus mostly through our analytical thinking and push out the intuitive part of us. The best thing about getting in touch with your intuitive side is you can bypass linear thinking to get answers fast – better known as quantum leaps.

If you want to nurture your intuition, the key is to learn to turn down the noise on your outside world so that you can listen to your inner world. Imagine our physical reality is like living in a casino – there are lights, bells, sirens, music, people, noise, glitz, glamour, etc. It is exciting, fun and alive. But it can be hard to hear your inner wisdom through all the noise.

In contrast, your intuition is more like a subtle breeze. It’s gentle and quiet. It will not force itself into your experience with bells and whistles. It waits for you to take notice – softly nudging you and patiently waiting.

Because of the nature of intuition, it is helpful to develop a relationship with silence. Find a way in which you can tune out of the world for a little bit so you can hear your inner wisdom bubble up. Meditation, spending time with nature, repetitive movement like running, swimming or sewing are excellent ways to quiet the outer world and spend time in your inner world.

When you begin spending some alone time with your intuition, you will notice soft helpful ideas float through your mind and sensations in your body that translates to meaning. You’ll even notice signs in the world around you that have significant meaning to you. The possibilities then are endless.


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