The Journey to a Food Allergy friendly Home

It has been six days since I was advised by my children’s gastroenterologist to completely eliminate wheat, soy, eggs and dairy from their diet.  Boy! What a week it has been.  I haven’t felt so much emotion from denial to anger to helplessness in such a short amount of time. To think about it, I am not even the one with food allergies.
As a mom, I know you mothers out there will agree that when something will affect our child, it will definitely be a big issue.  In my case for instance, all my 4 kids who are under the age of 10 were tested positive for multiple food allergies. What I thought was severe asthma attacks were already anaphylactic reactions. Thank God I still have all of them!
Even our allergist, after hearing my stories and testing my kids agreed that I was indeed blessed. Since my kids are also younger, he told me that there is a chance that one, two, or even all of them might outgrow their conditions. (Fingers crossed)
So far, the children took the news graciously.  Maybe it is because they were too young to realize the extent of their restrictions or they have so much faith that Mom will always give them something good to eat.  I don’t have a clue. What I do know is that the transition towards an allergy friendly home will not be easy.  A big lifestyle change for the self confessed Frugalista mom. From coupon and sale matching, it will now be right food hunting. From waiting for discounts to finding alternatives.
After countless hours of researching online and asking around about food allergies, I realized that I am not alone.  There is quite a number of people out there who have the same food issues. With the encouragement of friends and for the sake of my sanity, I decided to start blogging about our family’s adventure – the good, the bad and maybe the ugly as well. No drama just embracing the challenges of this new lifestyle.
Whether you have food allergies, know someone with food allergies, trying an allergy friendly diet or simply interested on the topic, please feel free to post a comment or question.  I am not an expert but I love to share our experiences, recipes, product finds and more.  Hopefully, we could all learn a thing or two in the process – making this journey a little bit easier and full of excitement. So who is with me?

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