TheFrugalistaMOM’s Pick: Love Corn Snacks

Finding snacks that are gluten free and do not contain any of the top 8 common allergens is no longer as difficult as it was over eight years ago. With so much more to choose from, the question now is — Is this product delicious enough to share with friends and family without any food restrictions?

Before I continue, I would like to let you all know that this post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Love Corn through the Moms Meet blogger program. I was also gifted with products to try. As with all my reviews, this set up doesn’t affect my opinions about the product on the spotlight. I call it as I see/taste/smell it.

Now that I got that noticed out, let’s continue.

Here’s the sampling kit I received in the mail. Not only is this box super cute, it really showed the fun and exciting image Love Corn snacks has as brand.

Aside from the well thought of packaging, these snacks have captured my heart because it is made with simple ingredients. It is also gluten free, vegan, NON-GMO verified, kosher and sugar free. While it comes in four delicious flavors such as Sea salt, BBQ, Habanero and Salt & Vinegar, all of them are free of common allergens too. As a precaution though, they have a notice that it is made in a facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts. Since it didn’t specify what kinds of tree nuts, I reached out to the company about it. I’ll definitely update this post once I get their response.

While some may find savory, crunchy corn snacks as something new, it is not in my case. Having grown up in the Philippines, corn snacks like this is very common. Even now, one can readily find some at Asian stores or Filipino stores. So what makes Love Corn stand out for me?

  • First off is the quality of the corn. When you open a pack, you will see that you only get a whole kernel. Unblemished and even in size.
  • It is not fried. They were able to produce a product that is crunchy enough yet stays teeth friendly. This makes it a healthier alternative to chips, pretzels and crackers.
  • Full of flavor but is not salty at all.
  • It comes in two sizes. 1.6 oz which retails around $1.69-$1.99. This is perfect for quick snacks and even lunch boxes. The bigger one (4-oz) typically retails for $2.49- $3.99 comes in a resealable bag too.

For those who are counting their calories, here’s a big plus. Each 1.6 oz. pack only contains 90 calories and no added sugars. Talk about guilt free right?

If that isn’t enough, Love Corn is also dedicated to giving back to the community. Their three-year goal includes donating 1 million samples of #lovecorn , building 50 school learning gardens and supporting local communities.

Speaking of samples, you can get a free sample pack by going to . They just ask for you to cover the cost of shipping which is very reasonable. You can even send a free sample pack to a friend, loved one or even neighbor. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you are ready to support the company, you can purchase some snacks at . Use the code MOMSLOVE to get a 25% discount. This code is good until 10/31/2021.

So, have you tried LOVE CORN Snacks yet? If so, let me know what you think.


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