Makeover Your Routine this 2016

In just a blink of an eye, the first week of year 2016 has already passed.

While few of my friends have already confessed that they broke their New Year’s resolution already, here I am still struggling to catch up from the holiday rush. There’s a big pile of clothes and linens to be washed and folded, decorations to be put away (Yay! I finally finished it yesterday.), editorial calendar to be filled and the list goes on.

As a mom, I have this tendency to always put my children first. From planning their meals (of course, food allergies don’t help at all), scheduling their activities, cleaning their rooms, keeping track of their grades etc. Theirs come before me.

Eventually, what I hoped to do for me will be set aside for days, months and even years. Sadly, this cycle tends to continue and it never fails to give me a feeling of inadequacy.

So, for this year, I decided that it’s important for me to do a time priority makeover.

To start with, I’ll bring out my binder and commit to finish this 14 Day Make Over Your Mornings course by Crystal Paine.

I started the course last year. The first 5 days were amazing. The tips were very practical and easy to execute. Then on Day 6, one of my kids got sick. The virus jumped from one child to another. Books and paper piled up on top of the binder and then I realized I never completed the course. Plus, I was back to my normal routine. Sounds familiar?

Anyway, it’s never too late to start over. Would you like to do the course with me too? If so, now is the best time to Sign Up because it’s on sale until tonight for just $9. It also comes with a money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose.

Plus we can do it together. So, are you in?

Since we are on the topic of investing on ourselves, here’s another great deal.

Udemy is currently having a $10 sale for over 17,000 online courses. I’m really excited with this because many of the courses offered have a regular price of at least $100. There are courses on Gluten Free Cooking and Baking, Raw and Vegan Desserts, Weight loss, Healthier Living, Achieving Goals, Essential Oils and so much more.

Head on over to their website and I’m sure you will find a course that you’ll be interested in. Did I just say that over 17,000 courses are available for just $10 a course?

January Sale 300x250

My dilemma right now is to pick only five courses. Tough choices.

So, what are your plans this 2016?

Feel free to write it on the comments section below.

Let’s make 2016 the best year ever!

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