Time to Reset

Have you ever felt stuck and is just running around in circles? Have you experienced a major interruption in your “normal” routine and is now clueless on how to move forward?

Most of us (if not all) will face a point in our lives where we will experience some setbacks, disappointments and even lost of direction. Whether it’s a birth of a child, divorce, death of a loved one, illness, job loss or even having a child going to college, this crossroad will not just rock our core, it will require us to deviate from what we are used to.

Whether we like it or not, prepared or not, something will definitely come which will make our paths uncertain. The year 2020 was a big example!

In Karen Brown Tyson’s new book called Time to Reset, A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Sidelined, Disappointed or Knocked Off Course, she shared not only her personal story of uncertainty but also her journey that made her who is now – a communicator, coach and bible teacher.

Instead of chapters, this book is divided into days – 21 days to be exact. Filled with teachings from the Bible and the author’s personal reflection, each day was meant to make the reader feel encouraged and empowered. More than just stories, this book also asks the reader to reflect on his/her situation and eventually create a habit that will help in one’s own personal transformation.

Practical, enlightening and realistic, this devotional not only brings calm on a troubled mind, it also allows us to look more closely into what our hearts really want and be what we are created to be.

Are you ready to Reset? Now is the best time.


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