Freebies: Tips on How to Clean your Home Faster Ebooks

         Yesterday was the first day of CCD for three of my children.  Boy! I just had a reality kick on what my whole year will be. For those who have after school activities during the middle of the week, you absolutely know what I mean right?

        In my house for instance, papers have already piled up.  Why do schools have to send in so much?  Then there’s the clothes chaos.  Thanks to the unpredictable fall temperature, both summer and winter outfits are everywhere. 

        With all the daily commotion, for most of us, home cleaning and upkeep are often left at the bottom of the list.  If you or your kids have seasonal allergies though,  it is essential that we keep our house as allergen free as possible.  Sad to say but the only way to do that is to be on top of our least favorite chore.  

        Do you need more inspiration? Then check out what I found today. Three E-books filled with tips to help us clean the house faster.  Isn’t that cool?  Best part, it’s free to download now.  



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