8 Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

      Are you ready for Halloween?  Whether you are a food allergy mom or not, I’m sure you will agree with me that the next few days will keep us busy.  From costumes to decorations and food, October 31st is exciting for the young and young at heart.       Even food allergies haven’t stopped my kids from having fun.  Yes, we also go Trick or Treating.  With a little twist though.  You can see how we do it here.

Though there are so many candies to choose from, it is quite a challenge to find something that is free of the Top 8 allergens (wheat/gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish). I think the last two are easier to avoid. Anyway, here’s our family’s top pick.


1. Yum Earth Organics

          This brand has individually wrapped lollipops, candy drops and even gummies. Aside from being free of the top 8 allergens, their products are also do not contain artificial flavors and colors. It’s also organic.

2. Dum Dums
A childhood favorite.  Who knew these are food allergy friendly as well?  If you have a soy allergy, please check out their disclosure. (see the Saf T Pops description below)


3. Enjoy Life Decadent Bars

         These bars are a real treat!  Not only for the kids but for the grown ups as well.  If you’re the type who gives the regular size candy bars, these are way better.


4. Surf Sweets

        Who doesn’t like Jelly beans and sour gummies? These are also organic, without corn syrup and vegan.


5. Saf-T-Pops

            Also from the company that makes Dum Dums, these lollipops have a unique handle that makes it friendly to younger children.  Though it is labelled Top 8 allergen free, the company website declares that  “the product may contain traces amount of soy oil, a processing aid in making candy. The soy oil has been refined, bleached and deodorized, a process that removes the protein that can cause an allergic reaction. But individual sensitivities vary, however, we have chosen to list soy oil.”


6. Smarties

           Another all time favorite candy that’s also food allergy friendly.  Their factory is also free of the top 8 common allergens. Since the company also sells their products to other re-baggers, their website says that “As consumers, we should check the UPC number on the packaging to be sure that the candy we are buying are not at risk for cross contamination.  Specifically, we should look packages with a UPC that starts with “0 11206” to make sure that it was packaged in their manufacturing facility.

7. Tasty Brand Organic Fruit Snacks

         I found a big box of these at Costco.  It’s also vegan (doesn’t use gelatin) and made without artificial colors and flavors as well.


8. Home Free Cookies

             Made in a dedicated tree nut, wheat, dairy, egg, peanut and gluten free facility.  While some cookies such as mini vanilla, mini double chocolate, big oatmeal and the new gluten free large chocolate chip are soy free, their other varieties contain soy lecithin.
         Do you have a favorite food allergy safe candy that did not make it on the list?  Please let me know so that we can check it out.

 – Roz


  1. I actually stopped giving out treats years ago because several of the parents I worked with told me where those treats ended up. Turns out they would take the kids out for the fun of trick-or-treat, then throw away all the treats. They were paranoid about "somecrazy person poisoning the candy." The parents would buy candy to replace it instead of letting the little ones eat the spoils of their labor.

    Because of this practice, I started giving away non-edible treats like stickers and small toys.

    1. Really? I know I've thrown some which are not individually sealed. The other candies, the kids can't have are donated. This year though, we will also do the "teal pumpkin challenge." I'll post the details next week.

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